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International Patients

Medical tourism in India grew by 30% for the last 3 years with the scale of the medical tourism industry stands at Rs 1,800 – 2,500 Crores.

Why from hmsdesk.com?

Medical treatment in India HMSDESK is a trusted medical tourism company and a complete healthcare facilitator based in India, HMSDESK an associate partner with the best Liver Transplant surgeons and hospitals, which are providing world-class treatment at an affordable cost.

India has emerged as a hub of highly skilled medical fraternity & internationally trained, experienced, and competent doctors.

HMSDESK helps international as well as Indian patients to get treatment from the best doctors and hospitals. We make your medical travel easy, convenient, and cheaper without sacrificing the quality of services.

Who will take care of all the functions?

Medical treatment in India

HMSDESK will help and take care with the arrangement of medical visas, to and fro airport service, accommodation, an appointment with the surgeon, lab tests, etc. Along with Specialist consultations, clinical investigations & consultations at short notice.

HMSDESK provides end-to-end services providing company and takes care of medical facilities and planning a vacation in India. It also assist in accommodation arrangements, rejuvenation, rehab facilities.

Why should International Patients choose India for various medical treatments?

There are many reasons why India should be chosen as the ultimate medical tourism destination.

You can find most complex medical procedure with world class medical facilities, at very low price as compare with the western countries in India .

India has some of the best qualified professionals in each and every medical sector. The people around the globe already has been identified facts, right from quality of services, less waiting time, array of procedures and treatment options, the most competitive charges for treatment, availability of top-notch infrastructure and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure.

All leading and recognized hospitals offers best infrastructure, the best possible medical facilities, with the most competitive prices.

The Top hospitals in India have invested a lot in technology and operative techniques. To serve complicated heart surgeries, cancer cure and surgeries, neurosurgeries and even general surgeries are handled by using high-end technology for safe and better outcomes.

With the best infrastructure, services, the best possible medical facilities, accompanied, you can stay assured of getting the best in India.

Some of the reasons and advantages.

1. Free second opinion - If you any doubts about the competency of the doctor or about the diagnostic part we can arrange for free second opinion. This will definitely help in clearing all your doubts and improve your trust.

2. Clinical camps - We arrange Clinical camps in different countries to provide free and easily accessible services, and to create awareness about various health issues.

3. Special packages - We ensure that patients what they are looking for will happy and supremely satisfied with the pricing of the treatments and procedures. As per patients budget they can choose a treatment destination, hospital facilities room type etc. We arrange and prepare tailor-made packages as per patients need.

4. Language Assistance - We arrange Language translators because health issues need to be communicated accurately. By arranging expert translators/interpreters so that your requirement reaches the doctor properly.

5 Follow up is vital both for patient also because the doctor/surgeon. We make sure that there are not any obstacles or interruptions within the follow up. We arrange for follow up services after the patients successful surgery in India. When the patient will go back to his/her own country our support team get follow up and if required we also arrange to send medicine to the patients as prescribed the doctor.

6. Quick visa assistance - we've 24/7 visa assistance staff to seem in any case your queries and wishes associated with visa. We make it simple and hassle free for you in order that there's low amount of your time wastage keeping in mind the health factor and therefore the obvious urgency.

7. Special food - To recover faster and for better outcomes as per the suggestion from expert doctors we assist to arrange food, and diet.

With the best support from the Indian government for medical tourism, a large number of Your country are traveling to India for various medical and surgical procedures. The major reason for the attention of these patients is the availability of reasonably priced treatments.

The patients from Your country can save a lot of money compared to what they have to shell out in their own country. The majority of the treatments in India cost about as low as one-tenth of what they cost in own country.

A Health Tour would typically include a full body comprehensive health check-up and tours to a number of the favored destinations.

Full body checkups would be followed by an in-depth evaluation of the reports and counseling of the patient who supported the reports.

After this, full-day spas are organized, followed by a tour around the city for about 2-3 days, to all or any of the main attractions.

Health Tours are beneficial for the patients. These tours are best wiped-out groups and corporate/brands are buying packages for his or her executives.

While coming find process flow for medical treatment and surgery in India.

Let's understand the method of coming to India for successful and economically priced medical treatment. the method begins with the patient sending his/her query and medical record through email or by discussing the medical condition over a call with a healthcare manager.

The reports and therefore the case is meticulously studied by our senior surgeons/physicians for an in-depth medical opinion, which is then conveyed to the patient in order that the patient can understand and plan subsequent steps accordingly. As a compulsory protocol, all reports are studied and reviewed by not but three experts for unbiased comprehensive medical opinions. After this, the patient can visit India on pre-confirmed dates. We also assist our patients in getting a medical visa. We also arrange all travel-related requirements such as accommodation, cab services, Etc.

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