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What you eat can impact your system health dramatically. As you will soon discover, how you feast this holiday may determine whether you spend every week on the couch fighting the flu... or celebrating. The immune system may be a truly amazing system. Research has revealed that it's a variety of miracles that humans are unable to know or replicate despite the advanced technology currently available.

The body has about 100 trillion cells that structure all the organs, bones, muscles, tissue, eyes, skin and therefore the other body components. About 8 million cells die every second and are replaced by new cells, constantly revitalizing the body. These trillions of cells perform millions, if not billions of complex activities every second of each moment of your life, regardless if you're awake or asleep. The body is an "electric machine" that triggers these activities primarily through enzymes that perform complex chemical reactions which may identify and instantaneously communicate with, and control every single friendly cell in your body. this is often much more powerful and intelligent than any known computer that exists today.

The Miracle of the system

If the physical body did not have an "Immune System" we might need to permanently sleep in a germ-free sealed plastic tent, or we might die within a couple of days. No matter where you reside, we are all surrounded and attacked by microorganisms or microforms. If these pathogenic microbes get into our bodies they create the perfect environment for disease.

The system Production Centres

It all starts within the "Bone Marrow." This factory continuously produces a spread of various cells from stem cells, all with their own specific roles and control mechanisms. These include the trillions of system "warriors" of which there are 2 main groups consisting of 8 main "fighting" groups. the primary line of defense are the foot soldiers (phagocytes and macrophages), and therefore the real fighting heroes are the B-Cells, T-Cells and Natural Killer (NK) Cells (lymphocytes).