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Telemedicine in India, Telemedicine Virtual Consultation

Telemedicine in India

Telemedicine in India

  • 2020-09-22

Telemedicine in India is showing a rapid growth in India. The domestic telemedicine market CAGR is expected to grow by 30 % and will reach USD 5.5 billion by 2025.

People in India feel suppressed when they face unprecedented disease back at their homes. The main reason is facing the doctor, the need to make previous appointments and other related hassles. They are accustomed to the fact of going to a pharmacy shop and buy one or two medicines upon their own or a family member's recommendation. Telemedicine in India is useful for doctors and patients to save time along with across the globe by using technological developments. They are accustomed to the fact of going to a pharmacy shop and buy one or two medicines upon their own or a family member's recommendation.

The outbreak of Covid-19 and associated lockdown situation has made a complete reversal of the entire situation.

The traditional healthcare system is almost ruined; people are unable to consult their family physicians in person even in the most critical situation.

Doctors take information about the crisis over the phone and offer medication through the same link. Video calling failed to a close alternative for personal visit despise the worst technical affinity of common people and lack of enough infrastructure.

Suggesting medicines over the phone forms the basis of telemedicine.

Meaning of Telemedicine

The union government of India has also made provisions in regulations to offer spaces for telemedicine. The system's relevance is not restricted to a particular type of therapeutic drugs.  Telemedicine meaning is a bit wider than what was perceived.

It means the entire break up of consulting doctors to the collection of medicines – all from remote. Under this pattern, doctors text their recommendation via WhatsApp or other communicable modes. The entire prescription is forwarded to the medicine shops, who arranges for delivery of the medicines to the personal address of the patient.

The entire chain constitutes a telemedicine pattern.

Telemedicine definition

Therefore, telemedicine means the exchange of medical information from one location to another. Electronic communication used in this pattern improves patient health status.

The concept is used in several applications; therefore, it is used in different services. Wireless tools, email methods, two-way video, smartphones, and other methods are the mediums used in telemedicine.

Telemedicine Market in India

After the development of the latest pandemic, the Indian Healthcare industry has undergone a paradigm shift from the traditional doctor-patient interaction mode to remote consultations driven by digital technologies.

A recent report from EY-IPA had suggested that the internal telemedicine market in India will reach a whopping US$5.5 billion by 2025.

The survey has also indicated that average growth in the Indian market will be around 31 percent in periods 2020-2025.

There will be a boom in ridges of virtual care consisting of Tele-consultation, E-pathology, Tele-radiology, and E-pharmacy.

By 2025, the survey report has also pointed out the market of E-pharmacy will also hike to 12 percent of the annual pharmaceutical sales. The main stimulus of such enhancement would be the presence of strong yet flexible regulations, increased funding, and improvement of digital infrastructure.

The experts have demonstrated those fixtures through telemedicine ppt.

The telemedicine society of India

It is an established legal body of health experts and lawmakers. The main responsibility of the Telemedicine Society of India is to form advisories about the practice of telemedicine in India. It works under clear guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Essentials to record E-consent

  • The call center agent will call the patient party to inform about their duties and responsibilities.
  • The patient party will have to send a reply as soon as possible.
  • Filling up the consent form available in the web link.

The telemedicine apps are divided according to the purpose. For example, prescription apps help in sending recommendations to the patient. Such apps are inbuilt with doctors. Before sending such E-prescription, the doctors must ensure that there are carried through in the process.

For online meetings, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts are used. These are free and uses are free from hassles.

Both the patient party and doctors must ensure about non-violation of MCI ethics.

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Telemedicine in India

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