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Radical Nephrectomy: Surgery for Kidney Cancer

Radical Nephrectomy Cost in India

  • 2021-05-11

In a radical nephrectomy, the Urologist removes the whole kidney and the surrounding fatty tissue. It is generally recommended for kidney cancers.

Preparing for the surgery

Your preparation for knocking surgery will commence no sooner than your doctor pronounces about undergoing a Radical nephrectomy.  You should ask your doctor about any or all of the following:

  • If h/she aims to remove cancer
  • Will the process be a simple cluster clearing?
  • About the type of surgery that h/she is going to conduct.
  • If the surgery aims to eradicate a malign tumor, what additional treatments you are supposed to get?

After you are agreed to take the surgery, the doctor sits with you and your party to prepare for the operation. You will get detailed instructions for your preparation well ahead of the process.

  • Fasting instruction – you won’t consume water or any fluid during the last 12 hours preceding your operation.
  • Preferably, such extinction should be effective from midnight of the previous night.
  • There will be medicines to reduce infection and allergic effects.
  • Tell your doctor if you were taking any medication or supplement.
  • He will suggest against taking any blood-thinner for now.
  • You must inform him/her about your allergy to any particular type of medicine especially anesthesia.
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Surgery Process

As soon as you reach the hospital for the procedure, your medical team would ask you to take a rest for some time. Your process is conducted under general anesthesia; thus, you won’t be awake when the operation is on.

Your medical team will inject anesthesia through an Intra Venous procedure. Besides anesthesia, your medical team will give you an injection. Besides anesthetic material, it carries certain recommended medication from the operating surgeon; these medicines aim at preventing infection during the process. There will be a urinary catheter too; it helps your urine drain out.

The entire surgery procedure would entirely depend upon the way it is performed; the extent to which your organ would be removed comprises some different considerations.

During the Radical Nephrectomy procedure, your entire kidney is removed along with major fatty tissues around. Sometimes, your surgeon may also require removing a portion of the ureter. It is a tube connecting your kidney to the bladder.

If a diagnostic test shows your tumor is positioned near the adrenal gland or is involving it, a urological surgeon may decide to remove it too.

The surgery types include both open and laparoscopic forms. In its open form, surgeons make a singular incision. On the contrary, laparoscopic surgeries would require making multiple smaller incisions.

While conducting a Laparoscopic procedure, urology surgeons use an instrument called the laparoscope. It has a tiny camera at the end that helps him/her check the surgery accuracy. While h/she is ready to take the organ out, he instructs his/her team members to take a minute increase in its size.

Laparoscopic procedure is more popular these days for its minimally invasive nature. Senior specialists order for the open procedure if you have a large-sized tumor. Open procedure is also recommended if your surgeon needs to clear the entire lymph nodes.


Your release time after the procedure would completely depend on your overall health situation after the procedure. It inflicts your recovery time too. The catheter placed before surgery would remain with you for some time onwards.

As you leave the medical care unit, you will get instructions from your treating doctor entailing all the diet and activities notes during your recovery period. Your medical expert team would persuade you to start lighter chores as soon as you can. They will advise you to stay away from strenuous activities for some weeks or months till your health permits undertaking such arduous tasks.

However, the procedure won’t affect your life quality. You would resume your normal routine and activities as you complete the recovery schedule.

Radical Nephrectomy Cost in India



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Radical Nephrectomy Cost in India

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