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Organ transplant in India, Organ transplantation Cost

Organ transplant program in India

Organ Transplant in India

  • 2020-09-22

There are some specialty hospitals in India that offer multi-organ transplant procedures such as liver transplant, corneal transplant, kidney transplant, heart transplant, and pediatric transplant.

In India, organ transplantation constitutes the last-minute treatment option for saving the life of an ailing whose some or other organs have been subjected to permanent disarray.

Such therapeutic effort helps prevent organ failure. In our country, surgeons practice heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestines, liver, and kidney transplantation.

The process involves the removal of an organ that has earlier been detected as the potential organ for transplant.  The removed organ is then placed in the body of the ailing person. The surgical process is conducted to help the patient restore his/her normal life.

Organ transplant program in India

The union government of India has validated Organ transplantation in the country under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act passed in the year 1994.

The regulation was published to convene a system for controlling the removal, storage, and transplantation of human organs for the disease-recovery process.

Since the process is complicated and thereby would require huge expenses, the act works in safeguarding the patients from the grudge of therapeutic mongers.

The act was modified in the year 2011 when several socially beneficiary clauses were introduced. The organ transplant act is seen at its present stature from the year 2014.

Purpose of the National Organ Transplant program in India

The program of organ transplantation in India could serve several objectives. These are:

  • Frame a pattern for procuring organs and tissues.
  • The distribution policy of the organs was also planned.
  • Conduct inspiring programs for organ and tissue donation.
  • Organizing training for the recruits.
  • Prevent organ trafficking and protect poor masses.
  • Monitor services offered by clinical institutes. It is required to confirm that every operation has been done according to the provisions laid in the organ transplant Act.


Donating Organs

Organ donation covers the central theme of organ transplantation in India. It means preventing the possibility of organ failure of the diseased by replacing it with a healthy organ of a squarely fit person.

The organ transplantation Act in India has also admitted the necessity of replacing a diseased organ with another healthy limb. It has agreed to the fact that such substitution will help and accentuate the normal functioning of organs.

The act has also provided scope for tissue alteration. Like organs, tissues have to perform a certain perfunctory operation in the body where lies its importance.

Donation of Organ – Types

In India, two types of organ transplantation are seen.

Living organ Donation

Under the provision of the organ transplant Act,  any member of the citizens is allowed to donate his/her one kidney, part of the entire liver, or a portion of the pancreas.

Medical experts in the country allow such organ for transplant because

  • The presence of one healthy kidney is enough for survival.
  • If you donate a part of the liver, the same will be replenished after some time.

However, there are certain restrictions in this regard. First, the age of the person will be no less than 18 years. The person must submit his free accent for the removal of such organ or tissue.

Deceased Organ Donation

Indian citizens have full authority to donate his/her organs and tissues post-mortal. They can do so irrespective of the age of dying.  The law requires the consent of a member from close relatives who are in lawful possession of the dead body.

If the expired person is a minor, any member of the parent can offer consent. Else, a member from among the close allies must put endorsement in the legal paper.

A team of medical experts determines the suitability of the body.

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Organ transplant program in India

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