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ENT Surgical Procedures - Otorhinolaryngology

ENT Surgery in India

  • 2021-08-23

ENT is a common medical treatment reference and can recognize as the Ear, Nose, and Throat treatment. Find Otorhinolaryngology in India for the best ENT surgery. However, medical sciences refer sometimes refer to this as Otolaryngology. It involves disease analysis and treatment in the cervical and head zone.

Ear, Nose, and Throat are closely related to the cervix and brain. Thus, ENT procedures cover the diseases that occurred in the aforesaid zones. Clinics treat these diseases as OPD cases. However, critical treatments need a hospital environment.

We call an ENT specialist an Otolaryngologist. In various reputed institutes, these people became demonstrated leaders in medical intervention cases. An efficient and experienced Otolaryngologist can comfortably use the latest medical equipment. They are also aware of cutting-edge surgery techniques.

The common ENT Surgery procedures

The chief ENT procedural performances include:

  • Tonsillectomy followed by an Adenoidectomy.
  • Myringotomy with the help of an ear tube.
  • The Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
  • Sleep Apnea Inspire Therapy.

The Sleep Apnea Inspire Therapy

It is a newly introduced ENT surgery procedure. Researchers have designed this program specifically for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  This procedure works well for people with moderate to severe conditions.

Sleep apnea inspires therapy offers several advantages.

  • Surgeons can fully implant the therapy and its nexus in the patient’s body.
  • You will not need a mask or some other mask or oral appliance.
  • This facility works in the body’s natural anatomy. Thus the surgeon needs not implant prostheses.
  • The procedure is simple. Even the new doctors can easily handle the entire procedure.
  • With an appropriate operation, you are sure to retrieve your long-cherished night's sleep.


The ENT surgeons

Medical sciences certify these people as Otolaryngologists. They got their certifications over their knowledge in disease analysis, evaluation, and management. They treat versatile head and neck conditions. Most of these involve the ear, nose, and throat regions.

Work nature

ENT surgeons treat sense impairment. These include various auditory and balance disorders. Different smell and taste issues also come in this periphery. People with voice issues also consult ENT specialists. They also treat people with swallowing and breathing problems.

Those persons are specialists in head and neck carcinoma treatment. Often these conditions grow in the skull base. Cancer may also grow in the brain interface.

Otolaryngologists can treat people irrespective of their ages. Even a newborn baby may need ENT heal care. Curiously, more pediatric patients come to them than other surgical specialists. Please do not count the pediatric surgical specialists.

They spend most of their duty hours in the clinic OPD. Most Otolaryngology cases cure with medicines. Microscopes and endoscopes help in preliminary disease screening.

They recommend ENT surgery as the last resort. Yet, their number would exceed the cumulative figure of most other surgeries. Its divertive ranges include major head and neck procedures. These associate flap and complex reconstructions. Sometimes, they need to perform microsurgery in the ear.

The Otolaryngologist functionalities

An Otolaryngologist performs various functions. These arrive from different professional corners. You can classify their functionalities in the following categories.

Ear conditions

The diseases include:

  • The otosclerosis. It grows in the middle ear. The severe condition may lead to hearing loss. It also deals with various other issues with hearing and deafness.
  • Glue ear: It is a pediatric condition. Doctors also call the otitis media with effusion. The fluid blocks the middle ear in this disease. It thus causes temporary deafness.
  • Various hearing problems due to aging.
  • Tinnitus: Patients get some sort of ringing tone in their ears.
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction.
  • Vertigo.
  • Dizziness.
  • Infections in the ear.
  • Cholesteatoma.
  • Perforation in the eardrum,
  • Protruding ears.

Nasal and nose conditions

The ailments include:

  • Sinus infection and rhino-sinusitis. Children are more prone to these diseases.
  • Nasal injuries.
  • Polyps in the nose cavity.
  • Nose tumors.
  • Various obstructions in the nasal areas.
  • Sensing disorders.

Throat diseases

These include:

  • Adenoid problems. Doctors may need to remove these small glands in the throat. It locates at the hind of the nose. Issues generally arise during childhood. An Otolaryngologist may have to consider surgery when medicinal treatments do not work.
  • Tonsillitis. Doctors recommend surgery to cure serious problems.
  • Voice hoarseness. Laryngitis often accompanies this.
  • Swallowing issues.
  • Breathing issues in the upper airway.
  • Snoring.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea. Your breathing stops during sleeping.

Ailments in your head and neck

  • Patients may get carcinomas in the mouth, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands, and the base of the skull.
  • You may develop cancer in the nose and sinuses.
  • Thyroid and parathyroid issues.
  • Facial skin lesions. It may include skin cancer.

Cosmetic surgeries over complexion

Otolaryngologists perform different surgical methods in the various ear, throat, and nasal areas. These include:

  • Rhinoplasty. It is nose surgery.
  • Otoplasty is an ear operational process.
  • H/she may require removing excess skin and fat pads from the areas surrounding the upper and lower eyelids. They call the process a blepharoplasty.
  • Facial reconstruction. It repairs cancerous and trauma scars.


Otolaryngologists need to perform a variety of ENT surgeries. The types depend on the areas affected.

Grommets Insertion

The Otolaryngologist inserts a grommet into the middle ear. The process helps heal the chronic infection in that area. The eyelet helps air incubation in the affected area enabling hearing thus.

This is a pure pediatric case. The inflection clears as air enters into the blockage.


The procedure removes tonsil infection. This condition can create different other symptoms including the adenoid. These go off as the doctor removes tonsillitis.

Endoscopic sinus surgery

This is a minimally invasive surgical pattern. Doctors apply this method to clear blocked sinuses. It is an infection causing inflammation.

Currently, this method has been much more advanced. Surgeons get more prominent nose and sinus inside views with lens technology application. It helps them to know more about the diseases. A more focused and effective approach is thus possible.


This is an operation on your voice box. A blockage in this area makes breathing an almost impossible task. The surgeon aims to create an alternative airway in the throat. It eases the respiration process.


Otolaryngologists use this method to clear the nasal obstruction. It also eliminates future pediments.


During this process, your Otolaryngologist will introduce a laryngoscope into the larynx. The device is a small tube carrying a camera at its tip. It helps check the voice box inside. If this method can’t produce effective results, h/she may recommend a biopsy.


Surgical doctors use this process to check the infection range. They use a long metal flexible tube to test. The tubing rod device checks up to your esophagus end.

Tympanomastoid surgery

It involves cholesteatoma removal. These are epithelial developments in the middle ear. Doctors may also sometimes use this method for middle ear reconstruction.

Advanced treatment

Cochlear Implants are among the updated ENT surgery procedures. Researchers claim that it would impart hearing senses even to dumb-deaf people.

While conducting the procedure, the surgeon inserts an electrode into the patient’s cochlea. It stimulates the auditory nerves in that zone almost instantly. Scientists hope to attach the device with an auditory brain stem. This would enable a group of deaf people to gain their auditory senses for the first time in life.

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