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Plastic Surgery in India

Palstic/Cosmetic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

Are you worried about recovery from the scratch caused over your face in the last accident? Don’t panic. With the development of Plastic surgery, you can overcome such disorder. Not only accidental injury; the surgical process can heal other traumatic patches too. These include birth disorders, burns, etc. Treatment helps in curing the scars on face caused by other diseases.

The surgical process is a reconstructive procedure. It helps in mending different dysfunctional parts of the body.

Cosmetic surgery is another name of the process. It is a special branch of medicinal operation. It works on uplifting the features and appearance of our body. Both medicinal and surgical processes are applied. Plastic surgery face or noses are important attributes in the process. India is doing well in the application of cosmetic surgery.

Considerable technological improvement in this branch produced a huge number of qualified doctors and surgeons. Various tech-based facilities has helped the treatment reach to a new height. These include Liposuction aided by power, Styker equipment for bony work, Electrical Dermatome, Carl Zeiss operating microscope, and the Zimmer Mesher.

cheapest Plastic Surgery in India
Plastic Surgery Cost in India

Plastic Surgery Cost in India

  • One can easily find low-cost Plastic Surgery in India as compared to other western countries.
  • Along with quality services and satisfaction for Plastic Surgery at affordable prices, most international patients prefer India.
  • The Plastic Surgery costs range from $1,000 to $5,000. It depends upon the complexity of the treatment and services facilities from the hospital.

Get details of the Plastic Surgery hospitals in India that offer higher success rates at affordable cost. The cost of Plastic Surgery varies widely. For Plastic Surgery, it is necessary to choose the proper specialist in India. HMSDESK helps patients seeking medical care and specialty treatments from the top cardiologist in India. Various hospitals and clinics in India have gained massive popularity all over the world. International patients preferred places for the surgery or treatment would be tier one, in developed cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Mangalore, Kochi, Jaipur, and Pune.

The cost of cosmetic plastic surgery in India, as discussed before, is too economic. Involvement of the best surgeons makes the process highly result-oriented. For instance, many international patients are curious to know about plastic surgery of nose costs in India. Latest information reveals that plastic surgery cost for nose in India stands between INR 75000 to 125000. It is one of the common surgeries for teens.

The cost is too low for lip and chin augmentation. Plastic surgery prices in India are, however, depends on the following factors:

  • Type of procedure chosen.
  • Qualification of the surgeon.
  • Standard of the medical care unit
  • The location of treatment.

Patients get the treatment at a very reasonable cost. People of various developed countries often chose India for treatment of their face, complexion, and other body parts. Justified plastic surgery cost in India motivates them to take these treatments in our country.


Plastic surgery nose or faces is done to persons having realistic expectations from the outcome of the process. These persons can understand the clinical dangers associated with the process.

The medical team collects notes about the realizing ability and mental flexibility of the patient. It is their duty to inform the patient about the physical effects at the time of healing.

Such persons must be resilient about

  • Effect of the treatment over their personal and professional lives.
  • Probable lifestyle changes during the recovery period.
  • Plastic surgery nose cost and other associated expenses.
  • People with a history of smoking are not considered. Addiction to nicotine content may prove severe after the procedure.
  • The person had a chronic medical condition that is under control at that moment.
  • Suffers no weight loss in the past 6 or 12 months depending on the case under consideration.


The quotient of risks associated with cosmetic surgeries needs to consider another way. Surgeons never agree to operate if the patient has diabetes. If you have a body mass index equal to or higher than 30, you become a misfit for plastic surgery.

Persons with such body factors have severe risks of developing complications. Blood may clot in the legs or lungs. Smoking too has a similar risk.

Therefore, the patient must discuss with the medical team about the probable risks before agreeing to sign the contract for surgery.

Probable complexions may include the following:

  • The person must be tested against complications related to anesthesia.
  • The patient may have complications like pneumonia or blood clot. If the team fails to identify these, surgery may cause death.
  • Infection at the incision site. You may get a worsen scar that may need the repetition of surgery.
  • Fluid accumulation under the skin.
  • Mild bleeding that may require another surgical procedure.
  • High bleeding that may need a blood transfusion.
  • Skin breakdown causing another type of scar.
  • The division of the surgical wound may sometimes need an extra procedure.
  • Nervous damage causing numbness and tingling.
Cosmetic vs. Plastic surgery
Types of Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery brings about permanent changes over the evident appearance of the body. Thus, careful considerations are made before making the final decision.

Plastic surgery of face or nose can make specific alterations in these body parts. Such changes may later seem drastic for the patient.

Therefore, the patient or his/her allies are called for consultation. The medical officer must inform the patient about the side-effects. The doctor too, by this time, wants to make an understanding of the probable purpose of the patient. He should do this. Many people undergo this process to conceal their identity in the outer world.

However, doctors should cot ponder over too much when the case has genuine medical footings. The main reasons for doing cosmetic surgery include the following:

  • Persons who have a victim of accidents having enough documentation.
  • Victim of a burn case.
  • Undergone a serious medical condition that is under control now.


Plastic surgery before and after

It involves the preparations you make before the process. You must have enough knowledge about the tests needed to access your fitness for the surgery. There could be several stresses or problems when the surgery is in process. You will have certain physical and lifestyle changes. These are immediate consequences of the surgical procedure.

If your expectations are value-based, you will get elevated satisfaction from the Plastic surgery procedure.

It makes sense that you will ask questions to the surgeon or the medical team. You have every right to check whether the right team of is handling your case. The process is highly complicated in nature.

About the surgical team or the surgeon

  • What are your qualifications?
  • For how long are you certified to conduct such treatment?
  • How many similar procedures have you conducted before?
  • Are there other health professionals in the team too?
  • What physical examinations are required beforehand?
  • What are the possible consequences?
  • Are there any specific risks?

About the procedure

  • Is the procedure right for me?
  • Are there easier procedures?
  • What is the approximate time for recovering?
  • Is there much discomfort? How can I manage those?
  • Will there be any scar after the procedure?
  • Will it look odd? By when those will be gone?
  • Is there any restriction or any change in my lifestyle?
  • What is the approximate period for resuming my normal routine?
  • For how long will I have to wait to get the desired effect?
  • How much is the plastic surgery nose cost or face?

Surgeon’s commitment

At the induction stage, the medical team or the surgeon will explain how the surgery can change your body. They will also explain what you can expect from the surgical process. It will let you know how much the possible result matches your expectation.

The team informs the details of the specific procedures. These involve the complications, risks, and the benefits. They may recommend other procedures that will help you get even better results.

It is mandatory for the surgeon to explain the balance of the body after the surgery. It involves narrating how a change of one part of the body may affect your appearance. He will also explain if any other treatment may impact in some better way.

Meeting the team of nurses

After having discussion with the medical team, you will require meeting the team of nurses for hygienic clarification.

The plastic surgery of face has serious interrelation with smoking. Therefore, the team will question you about this lifestyle issue above all. Besides, other relevant questions about lifestyle are also asked.

Several over-the-counter medications have a positive impact on body functioning. Thus, you must disclose such intakes while meeting the nurses’ team.

The team also reviews your expectations from the surgery. They will again confirm the sequences of pain, diet, activities, and work restrictions over the procedure and after.

They will confirm your need for conveyance following the procedure.

Engaging in a contract

You will have to sign a consent form before commencement of the surgical process. Such signing will help the care unit to take photographs before and after the surgery.

Such photographs serve as a reference for the procedure. It is kept in the institute as evidence of the treatment; it becomes a part of your medical record too.

Placing estimation

After you sign the contract, the hospital unit will give you an estimate of the chargeable fees. Insurance companies do not replenish such costs in India. Therefore, you will have to pay the entire amount from your pocket before the procedure. Plastic surgery prices in India depend on the complexity of the process. However, the cost stays at a much lower level than that of the different western countries and the USA.


After the successful follow-up of the procedure, you will get

  • Specific instructions about post-surgical care
  • List of medicines and antibiotics recommended to consume for some days following the procedure.


The following types of cosmetic plastic surgeries are available in India:

  • Plastic surgery face
  • The Rhinoplasty involves the surgeries of repairing and reshaping of the nose. Both cosmetic and medical costs are treated in India.
  • The Lip Augmentation: This form of plastic surgery face helps the patient get fuller-looking lips. The result does not sustain more than 6 months.
  • Liposuction: It constitutes the procedures to improve body shape. The surgical process helps in fat removing; but, the process never targets any weight loss.
Cosmetic Procedures
Plastic Surgery Success Rate


  • The main benefit of plastic surgery is that it helps you to gain your desired appearance.
  • Under some circumstances, it can enhance your physical health. For instance, rhinoplasty helps increase the look and shape of the nose.
  • With improving appearance, the self-esteem of the person increases.
  • Helps to enhance your mental state too.
  • An attractive look helps enjoy a lot of professional and personal benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Surgery

Who are good candidates for cosmetic surgery?

Non-smokers are best for cosmetic plastic surgery. People without any smoking habit and possessing healthy body mass ratio are good candidates for the surgery. Prospective patients must have realistic expectations for surgery results. You must confess your medical history to the medical team. You must have your own goal for plastic surgery. Concerns relating to the process should also be intimated.

What is the best age for plastic surgery?

There is no recommended age for plastic surgery. However, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation are normally applied to younger patients. Old-age patients are recommended for procedures like eyelid lift, facelift, and/or neck lift.

How the quality of medical care unit impacts decision?

The patient’s safety is of utmost concern at the time of surgery. It depends on the quality of the operating facility. These involve surgeons, the nurses and other medical staff, and the infrastructure.

Accreditation is also important. Certification about the facilities means these can ensure the presence of key life support systems.

Do medical insurance in India cover cosmetic surgery?

No; majority private health insurance companies in India do not cover cosmetic plastic surgery. There are exceptions though. The Max Bupa Health Insurance company offers a lot of coverage for both surgical and non-surgical processes.

What are the alternative options for cosmetic plastic surgery?

Various dermal fillers exist in the market. These help plump lips and cheeks. It can smooth wrinkles and fine lines. The results obtained from these processes last a lifetime. There is no recovery time for such filler treatment.

Why consider India for Plastic Surgery?

India is promising as one of the favorite destinations for Plastic Surgery in the world due to its affordability, accessibility, and much cheaper rates.

For Surgery Some Countries From Which Patients Travel To India:

Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in India

Hospitals in India offer State-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies.

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Spring Med Spa
  • Gorzeous Looks
  • GVG Aesthetic Clinic
  • Medspa
  • Global Hospital
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Sushma Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • Nose Plastic Surgery Delhi
  • Care Well Medical Centre
  • The Medical Park
  • Hande Hospital
  • Divine Cosmetic Surgery
  • SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic
  • Cosmetic Studio
  • Contura Cosmetic Clinic
  • Kakkar Healthcare Group
  • Amulya Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • Cosmesis India
  • Cavalier Hospital
  • Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • AA Skin & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Apollo Cosmetic Clinics
  • Pearl Plastic Surgery Clinic

Top Plastic Surgeons in India

  • Dr. Anup Dhir
  • Dr. Prabhash's
  • Dr. Manoj Khanna
  • Dr. Mohan Thomas
  • Dr. R. K. Mishra
  • Dr. Vivek Kumar
  • Dr. Debraj Shome
  • Dr. Sumit Malhotra
  • Dr. Arindam Sarkar
  • Dr. Ayyappan Thangavel
  • Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao
  • Dr. Debraj Shome
  • Dr. Milind Shashikant Wagh
  • Dr. Quazi Ahmad
  • Dr. Abbas Mistry
  • Dr. Devesh Mehta
  • Dr. Ajaya Kashyap
  • Dr. Priti Shukla's
  • Dr. Rajan Tandon
  • Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Dr. Debraj Shome
  • Dr. Mohan Thomas
  • Dr. Patankar Suyash
  • Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Dr. Viral Desai
  • Dr. Vijay Sharma
  • Dr. Anil Tibrewala
  • Dr. Vinod Vij
  • Dr. Narendra Pandya
  • Dr. Nitin Mokal
  • Dr. Debraj Shome
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