Top Hospitals And Clinics In Srinagar

Top Hospitals And Clinics In Srinagar

Clinics and Multispecialty Hospitals in Srinagar are well equipped with the infrastructure and medical facilities and offer complete treatments and surgeries for all. Book an online appointment for specialist doctors in Hospitals in Srinagar and get a discount.

Srinagar may be a part of the breathtaking Jammu and Kashmir. This hill station is dubbed Heaven on Earth. Many poets and writers have waxed eloquently on the scenic great thing about Kashmir. Kashmir and Srinagar are both known for their picturesque locales that contain beautiful gardens and lakes. Srinagar features a lot of natural beauty to be explored. Health care during this region has improved drastically over a previous couple of years. Private offers quality healthcare services. As a result, there are diagnostic centers also as hospitals for people to travel to in event of health emergencies.

Srinagar may be a popular travel destination among people from different countries. It can easily be termed as “Switzerland of the East.” There are many lakes in and around the city. One is certain to identify rare migratory birds during this Celestial City in a few months within the year. One can find that a lot of films from the Hindi movie industry are shot within the backdrop of those heavenly locales with snow-capped mountains and terrains. This environment makes for beautiful backdrops in every frame of a movie and also for photography. All this hustle during this city makes it all the more important for it to possess a developed healthcare sector.

There are few hospitals in Srinagar, but they’re extremely patient-oriented facilities. they’re extremely self-sufficient to diagnose and treat patients on their own premises. Hospitals host treatment facilities across specialties like respiratory sciences, nephrology, cardiac sciences, psychiatry, general surgery, oncology, gastroenterology, general medicine, orthopedics, etc. Patients are provided all-around medical aid comprising of diagnosis, medication, surgery, and recuperative therapy. These hospitals have full-time physiotherapists attached to them for helping patients revisit their feet after surgeries. There are observation wards for patients who got to be kept there only for each day post-their surgeries before discharge.

There are many single-specialty hospitals in Srinagar that cater to the treatment of only one medical discipline. Srinagar has hospitals for obstetrics and gynecology, bone and joint health, lung disorders, etc. the town has government medical colleges, maternity, and nursing homes. Medical colleges provide graduate and under graduate courses. the standard of medical courses provided here is like international universities. Doctors graduating from these colleges then continue to figure in these very hospitals as faculty or specialists. Hence, medical college hospitals in Srinagar are well-staffed at any given time of the year. Students studying in these medical colleges are encouraged to conduct research. This leads to treatments that are innovative and add to the prevailing ones. Newer research thus may be a win-win situation for patients also as medical practitioners.

The majority of hospitals in Srinagar have in-house imaging departments. Relatives don’t get to take the patients out for imaging and diagnostic testing purposes. The imaging is completed right there within the hospital premises. Technicians and radiologists managing these departments are qualified to handle medical emergencies and patients that are difficult to manage.


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