Cancer Treatment - Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Recovery

Cancer Treatment - Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Recovery

Cancer is theme human killer disease. India is one of those countries where cancer casualties remain among the top. According to recent statistics, India recorded the third-highest cancer deaths during the last decade in the world. 

Most of those victims belong to Northern India. The region gathers almost 40% of the Indian population. The Indian Government has thus stressed cancer treatment infrastructure development. It worked. India is now one of the top Cancer disease treatment hubs in the world. Even International people are also interested in coming here for their carcinoma disease treatment.

In the following lines, I will try to append reasons. These induce people to come to India for cancer treatment. It will also contain a comparative analysis between our and their treatment philosophy.

Cancer causes

Cancer is an infection pattern. Thus, it can happen in any part of the body. However, the concerned and frightful ones are oral, lung, and larynx carcinomas. In India, men are the worst sufferers of these diseases. Female carcinoma ailments include breast cancer, the cervix, and ovarian cancer. Aged people usually suffer from colon, kidney, and prostate cancers.

  • Smoking is the main reason for larynx or throat cancers in men.
  • Obesity and other genetic issues give birth to breast, uterus, and kidney cancers.
  • Being careless about basic hygienic norms may bring up cervical carcinoma diseases.
  • Medical science is yet to find out an appropriate reason for bone and blood cancers.

Irrespective of the basic notions, the principal reason for most carcinoma ailments remains to smoke. It also includes uncontrolled tobacco product use.

Cancer Treatment in India is among the topmost Yes, this is a newly generated concept. Recent facts, too, are establishing the facts with time. The oncologists in leading Indian Hospitals feel proud to declare their treatment superiority to deal with cancer diseases. Even the All India Institute of Medical Sciences director has also echoed their statement. Citing different statistics about the treatment Indian leading institutes provide, he tried to justify his point.

Most of these leading specialists opined that Indian hospitals offer cancer treatment at par standard with the international health organizations in the USA or UK. Besides, the treatment cost is much low here. Then why are we not the best – most of these specialists retorted. The Indian Government has established the Women’s Cancer Initiative for better women cancer treatment organization and monitoring.

The leading members in the organization have delimitated any possibility of getting better carcinoma treatment in the top western countries. They stressed the fact that Indian Doctors are currently offering the most suitable treatment in this regard. They expressed their pride in the world-class infrastructure in the hospitals. The surgeons are adequately qualified. They are also able to deal with the latest surgery techniques. You can expect top-class post-treatment care in these clinics. Finally, the cost; no one in the world can beat Indian Hospitals about offering the best-class management at such a low cost.


Oncologists, irrespective of their location, agree to the fact that the best way to fight cancer is to hit the ailment early. It is possible when you get a proper diagnosis. It starts with screening. Screening tests are available for breast, cervical, and prostate cancers. 

Doctors recommend different methods for screening. Its nature depends on the case gravity and the patient’s overall medical condition. The procedures include Mammogram, PAP smear, PSA, and likewise. Other cancerous disease diagnosis processes involve CT scan, PET-CT, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and X-ray. Doctors also recommend several tests to confirm the diagnosis. These may include several blood tests, biopsies, and liquid biopsies. In the last test, the pathological doctor uses an authenticated device to collect bio-molecules in the bloodstream. Then he separates those from the plasma for studying. It helps him determine the cancerous element present in the blood.

Unlike biopsy, the process works with the bloodstream. The pathological doctor separates the circulating tumor DNA and other intact circulating tumor cells for a successful observation.

The action of a Multidisciplinary Team

Research on carcinoma disease brought the fact that cancers are disease combinations. Thus, it requires the involvement of various departmental specialists.

These doctors will emblem their specializations to cure the various disease segments. They will form a panel; it will help in proper responsibility allocation too.

Medical science has described such a panel as a Multidisciplinary team.

The team members guide the patient team through proper diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, 

Patients, too, receive advice in a nutshell. They need not vendor through different therapies procedures.

The final words

International patients are too eager to have their carcinoma treatment on Indian soil. But, aware persons comment on the only lapse in the whole process. It is the doctor-to-patient ratio.

Tragically, the number of oncology specialists available in India is too low. The number of patients is continuously increasing. Medical tourists also add to the factor. Expert oncologists are an all-time scarcity in India. 

However, medical institutes have significantly increased during the last few decades. Deans there also are encouraging test qualifiers to study cancer specialization. Thus, we can expect an effective turn-out in the situation too.


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