Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

For many years people have been practicing yoga and meditation. It is considered a great alternative exercise form that keeps your mind along with your body healthy as well as happy. By doing yoga, your balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance will be improved. Your mind will stay sharp, stress and anxiety will be relieved and your immune system will be strengthened by doing meditation. Thus by practicing simple yoga poses and breathing techniques, stress can be managed, mental clarity can be improved, chronic conditions can be managed and a healthier lifestyle can be promoted. Have a look at the 10 surprising benefits of yoga and meditation:

Cures pain in the back

 If you are suffering from chronic back pain, then you should do yoga daily. It has been said that doing various yoga poses in a week aid in treating back pain. Spinal flexibility can be improved with the help of stretching exercises as well as poses. After practicing yoga for one week, problems related to the back pain that occurs in the lower part will be eased. It has also been found that therapy that includes mindfulness-based reduction of stress is more effective in alleviating chronic lower back pain. This will combine elements related to mindfulness meditation that one should practice for at least two hours daily in a week. You will notice a great improvement in your function as well as lower back pain within a few weeks as meditation will ease your pain by shifting your attention to something that is calmer as well as quiet.

Strengthens the digestive system

Do you face any trouble with the daily intake of food? Do you feel that the foods do not move easily after intake, thus making you suffer from digestion problems? Then the best way to get rid of this problem is by practicing yoga. Try several poses, twists with yoga moves that will massage the internal organs of your body and allow the food to move well in the digestive system. Moreover, if you do yoga regularly, the lymphatic system will be stimulated and toxins will be eliminated from your body. Thus your body will become cleaner. If you suffer from symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome as well as disease, then start doing meditation on a regular basis. Thus by doing regular meditation you will be able to treat these symptoms by decreasing the frequency of any stress-related outbursts.

Promotes better sleep

Good sleep is essential to lead a healthy and balanced life. If you do not get enough sleep you would not be able to function properly the following day. You will feel tired, exhausted, and irritated too. If you face any trouble falling asleep or even stay asleep or if you suffer from any sleep disorder like insomnia then start doing yoga. It will help you to improve the quality of your sleep to a great extent. You will not only be able to sleep better but your stress will be reduced and anxiety will be lowered if you start doing yoga two times a week. Apart from yoga, meditation along with breathing techniques is also helpful in clearing the mind in order to let you relax as well as slow down your thoughts. Thus it will aid you in achieving the necessary peace of mind that is required to get a sound sleep at night. 

Boosts mood

The absence of oxygenated blood in the brain can affect your mood negatively. But yoga and meditation can aid you with this. Uplifting of emotional health is directly linked to yoga as well as meditation. Performance-related to cognitive behavior can be improved by doing yoga and meditation. It will also help with menopause, insomnia, mood swings, schizophrenia, depression as well as anxiety. If you practice yoga with a group of friends, it will stimulate the production of a hormone named oxytocin and serotonin in a high amount. One hormone is known as the love hormone and the other as the happy hormone, which together will improve your mood dramatically. Moreover, stretching helps to release endorphins and also increases the flow of blood rich in oxygen. By engaging time in doing yoga daily will improve the circulation of blood as well as your mood. So by practicing yoga as well as meditation will boost your mood and also increase your cognitive performance.

Fights migraines

             Pain associated with migraine is difficult to endure and no one wants that. If you are under a migraine attack, you will become very sensitive to noise and light. While performing physical activity symptoms such as vomiting and nausea along with increased pain will also take place. So it is necessary to do yoga if you wish to combat them. The most beneficial yoga pose that alleviates migraines is known as the ‘bridge pose’. While practicing this yoga pose, you should lie down on your back and bend your knees. Keep the width of your feet and hip apart while lying. With the hands on the floor, you need to press down into the legs and then draw up your hips. This will help you to relax all the tension that accumulated in the muscles from the neck as well as shoulders that get stressed while you hunch over a laptop or your mobile throughout the day. Doing meditation regularly will also help you to cope with the pain associated with migraines.

Clear your mind

Yoga is mainly practiced if you want to improve your flexibility, balance, physical strength as well as endurance. Meditation on the other hand will relieve you from stress and take care of your general well-being. If you wish to keep your brain sharp and also clear, you need to practice yoga along with meditation every day. You can keep your mind free from unwanted things that affect your physical health by doing simple yoga poses as well as breathing techniques. Practicing slow breathing as well as yoga poses will aid your memory and also keep the thoughts well organized after you remove stress, anxiety, and any negative thinking from your life. Yoga and meditation will allow you to attain the peacefulness of mind that is essential for the healthy functioning of memory. 

Lowers blood pressure

If you have been affected by hypertension, you should find out the best way to get rid of stress in your daily life. There exists a link between stress and blood pressure that lasts for a long. Yoga and meditation are known to aid in fighting stress successfully and also improve overall health as well as fitness. Yoga and meditation will lower blood pressure in a natural way by helping to induce deep relaxation in your body. This is directly associated with decreased activity of the nervous system as well as a great feeling of good health. It happens due to an increase in the antioxidants along with lowered levels of stress hormone. So blood pressure will be lowered by actively practicing yoga and meditation daily.

Encourages healthy eating habits

To promote good health along with fitness, it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet daily. By doing meditation, you will be able to develop good eating habits. This is necessary for your body’s health. If you practice yoga as well as meditation, you need to follow a healthy diet too. It has been seen that practicing yoga and meditation will increase the loss of weight, treat bad eating behaviors, thus promoting healthy habits of eating. So by practicing yoga along with meditation daily, your health will be improved in a great way. 

Treats asthma

Have you been suffering from asthma for a long time? Then start practicing yoga. It has been seen that if you suffer from mild or moderate asthma, then practicing yoga for eight weeks along with daily medications can bring about a great improvement in your condition. A well-known form of yoga known as ‘pranayama’ which focuses on various breathing techniques should be done daily as it is effectively working against asthma. 

Cures hangover

If after a hangover you wish to stay in bed and do not feel like doing anything, then you can detox your body by doing yoga. It will help you to feel fresh very fast. You should practice a few yoga poses such as ‘shoulder stand’ that will work great on your thyroid gland. It will remove the toxins from your body by improving the process of metabolism. The flow of blood will be reversed as well as circulation to the brain will be increased. Thus your body will maintain a balance and you will feel refreshed. It will help you to get rid of a hangover faster and also blast fat as well as cellulite. 

Thus doing yoga and meditation has the above-mentioned health benefits. Among these, the most well-known benefit is that you can keep a well-maintained balance between your soul, body, and mind. So without any doubt, it can be concluded that yoga and meditation are advantageous for your general health as well as fitness. 


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