Yoga - Benefits, Intensity Level, Importance of Yoga

Yoga - Benefits, Intensity Level, Importance Of Yoga

Yoga awareness is also spreading across the globe very faster. If you have just started to practice yoga, then you will be curious to find out how a workout that includes stretching can act beneficial for your health by solving many problems. So before the start doing yoga, there are a few things that you need to know.  There are a few basics that will prepare you well before you start to do yoga. It will add huge confidence before you start doing it or join a yoga class.

Get aware of the basics related to yoga

Select the perfect outfit along with accessories: If you are entering a yoga class, forget any attire that is fancy. Look out for loose and comfortable clothes that will aid you to move the body easily. The stretching involved in yoga will include a huge variety of limb motions. So wearing loose outfits will allow you to move your limbs.

A well-fitted outfit is necessary to avoid facing embarrassing situations because you will bend many times while practicing yoga. During cold winter months, you can wear a jumper, but be sure that it will allow you to easily move. A yoga mat of good quality is required to practice yoga. If you are not sure of whether you will continue doing yoga for long you should not invest in an expensive mat. But when you finally decide to do yoga regularly for a long time, then find out the ideal mat for different yoga forms that you choose to perform.

Eat properly and on time

Before starting a yoga practice, it is very important to keep your stomach as well as bowels empty. A gap of 2-4 hours should be kept between the last meal that you had and the workout. If you eat heavily and start practicing yoga with a full stomach, you will definitely feel uncomfortable. So you should eat healthy food rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals but that should be done maintaining a good time gap before you start doing yoga. 

Let your phone as well as footwear outside

Yoga should be practiced barefoot. Yoga aims at grounding as well as connecting your body. Thus shoes are not essential while doing yoga. Before you enter your yoga class, leave your pair of shoes outside on the rack. Moreover, yoga needs to be completely aware of all the sensations that you experience and be in the moment. So if your phone rings suddenly, not only you will get distracted but it will also disturb the people who will be there around you. It is always recommended to turn off the phone before entering the yoga class.

Do not be an impulsive quitter

After joining a yoga class, you might feel disappointed even if you are in love with the idea of yoga. But you should not lose hope so fast. You should at least try at least 2-3 various yoga classes before you come to the decision that yoga practice is not meant for you. It also depends on a teacher who selects to help you with yoga practice. It is also essential to do yoga under a well-experienced trainer. It is vital to have a connection and have a good understanding with your trainer. You should not hesitate if you wish to know or get any clarification related to yoga. Ask for it and you will find it from your trainer.

  • You need to be cautious and also be well aware– While practicing yoga you need to be cautious of few things. In the beginning, you should be clear and also transparent regarding any problem. If your trainer is having knowledge about your problems, then only he will be able to aid and advise you.

Allow your trainer to know

If you have any injuries or ailments, let your trainer be well informed about it in order to practice yoga safely. Your trainer needs to be aware of if you suffer from dizziness, high blood pressure, and heart conditions. Having an idea of these ailments will help your trainer to modify your yoga practice and exclude those asanas that would not be beneficial for you.

Other than this, if you are a new member of the yoga class, there is a chance that sudden stretching will have a different reaction to your body. You may feel a little bit dizzy or light-headed as toxins get removed from your body. Cramping along with mild headaches can also be experienced. These are considered great signs, but always inform your trainer about this. You will get back to a normal condition with the aid of regular practice for few days.

Attention during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy

During menstruation, it is alright if you exercise. But it will be better if you try to avoid inversions in order to prevent your body from exertion. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before practicing yoga. If you have been doing yoga, it is recommended to let your trainer know about your pregnancy if it is confirmed. Your trainer will try to modify the yoga postures that will make the yoga practice very comfortable. Meditation along with techniques related to relaxation is beneficial for a pregnant woman and her child.

Get familiar with the terms related to yoga

  • If you have just started to do yoga, you should know that your trainer will use few yoga terms. So it is vital for you to know these basic terms related to yoga practice. Have an idea of the following terms to stay a little updated before starting to practice yoga.

What is asana?

Asana is basically a Sanskrit word that is referred to any yoga pose or a posture. 

What is pranayama and yoga nidra?

It is a form of yoga that consists of various breathing techniques. It is practiced to manage stress and prepare the mind for meditation. 

Should you practice meditation?

Meditation will help you to attain mental peace. The techniques that are present in meditation will help you to build your concentration, enhance your focus along with a span of attention as well as completely relax. Meditation will help you to get over your restless mind easily. 

How essential is a full breath?

While practicing yoga if you deeply inhale, then it is considered as a full and typical yoga breath. It should always be without any force. This breath usually goes inside your lower lungs and thus allows visible rising of your abdomen. After this, it will fill your lungs mid-portion and you will feel that all sides of your ribs are expanding.

Finally, you will take this air to the top of your lungs and will feel a chest rise. If your lungs get filled up completely, you should slowly exhale and then relax. You should remember that breathing this way is essential and through yoga practice, you will get an opportunity to do the same. 

  • Learn about the benefits of yoga practice– If you wish to know what are the results of practicing yoga then have an idea of its benefits is essential. Have a look at the below-mentioned benefits.

Health and quality of your life will be improved

When you start to practice yoga, you need to have patience. Yoga will not give you result in one day. After one month of regular practice, you will experience noticeable results. But you will for sure see results. You will find that your thoughts have achieved more clarity, your self-esteem has improved and you have achieved the perfect weight. You will feel happy and attain inner peace.

Flexibility along with strength will be enhanced

Your muscles will be strengthened and lengthened if you do yoga. This will increase your flexibility. This increased flexibility will give you strength and help you to improve your performance. It has been proved that those athletes who do yoga perform better in various sports. Yoga classes are considered an important form of exercise. It is a great way of effectively improving as well as maintaining flexibility. 

Symptoms related to stress will be eased

  1. Stress has a negative effect on health. You can naturally fight stress by doing yoga on a daily basis. Yoga will also reduce your stress and will not produce any side effects. So if you suffer from any anxiety, fears, or stress in your daily life, you should practice yoga.

Blood pressure will be lowered

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should always avoid stress. Hypertension and stress are interlinked. As already mentioned above, yoga practice aids in fighting stress successfully and thus improve general health as well as fitness. So it will also lower your blood pressure. The asanas will aid in reducing blood pressure. You should perform the yoga exercise involving deep breathing that will slow down your breathing rate and thus reduce your blood pressure as well as soothe your nervous system which is known for generating stress hormones.

Importance of Doing Yoga

Yoga provides you the much-needed freedom in life yoga has a different meaning for every individual but the sole purpose of yoga is to balance the extreme ends of karma and freedom. One can perform asanas to balance their breath, bring calmness and smoothness in life and work in unity to bring stability in their lives. Learn yoga and share it with others and make them realize what they are and how can they attain freedom from all the negative forces around them.

Yoga is universal

Everyone is equal in the eyes of yoga and anyone can take advantage of yogic knowledge in their lives. Even though most people consider the purpose of yoga as a physical exercise and are unaware of the true meaning of yoga yet it is a powerful tool through which one can let go of all of their sufferings and gain peace and harmony in their mind. Also, It is an inward moving practice where one can take time for self-realization and self-care as well. 

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory

Yoga is all about practice and self-control. All the yogic philosophies and mantras merely ensure 1% of the theory part and the rest all is meditation and yogic asanas. Each asana maintains balance in the functioning of all the systems in our body. It helps in exhaling negativity and ensures positivity in our life. Yoga makes our body healthy, fit, and fine.

Yoga helps to embrace yourself

Yoga gives you the real picture of yourself who you are and what can you achieve in life. Yoga is also known to be a medium that symbolizes the uniqueness of every human being around the world. It is only by Yoga that you start embracing your existence in life as it helps you to realize your true potential while also providing you significant aid in realizing how can you help the world to make it a better place to live in.

Savasana is the most crucial pose of yogic practice

Savasana is a short period in which your body and mind are at rest and you relax and feel the intake of your breath. It is a moment in which you feel in your present, let go of your past and future. It is considered the most vital pose because it helps the human body to relax and rejuvenate all the amazing poses that you have performed before. People might not take this posture much seriously and may result in skipping it. However, it is the most beginning stage of meditation in which you get to interact with your deeper soul.

Breathe and let go of negativity with yoga

Main Yogic Exercises involve the concept of seven breathes and each breathes counts one negative thought and feeling. This concept forms the basis of meditation and is very helpful in reducing stress, depression, and hypertension. Moreover, it is our breath that reveals the true state of our body. If we are nervous, our breathing would be quick and shaky whereas if our body is calm and relaxed, then our breathing would be deep and long. Thus, yoga helps us to maintain a proper balance as well as stability of our breathing.

Yoga helps to increase connections and avoids comparing with one another

Yoga is all about enjoying yourself and accepting yourself without comparing yourself with others. It also helps in building a healthy relationship with fellow yogis and interacting with each other which helps in exchanging new ideas and positivity around you. Avoid judging others. Yoga embraces changes and ensures a healthy intake of positivity rather than building the feeling of jealousy in your mind.

These points will surely provide you with a clear picture of the benefits of yoga how yoga helps to bring a huge change in life and how it will result in the overall growth and development of our bodies. With this, you must try to incorporate some of the main yogic exercises in your life.


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