Medical Visa From Tanzania To India

Medical Visa From Tanzania To India

Medical Tourism to India for Tanzania Patient

HMSDESK is one of the most trusted medical tourism in India and a healthcare facilitator in India. It has been effectively providing healthcare services to patients and helping patients across the globe at reasonable prices.

HMSDESK is a leading medical tourism service provider of India, catering to international patient care and assuring the absolute best assistance to individuals in quest of all kinds of medical treatments and surgeries available in India.

The hospitals and clinics related to us are amongst the foremost progressive ones and have the foremost advanced facilities that are at par with international standards. Not only this, the treatment packages and programs are designed and customized as per the wants of the patients and match global benchmarks. HMSDESK provides you easy and smooth access to the most important network of healthcare providers - hospitals, nursing homes, surgeons, physicians, and clinics of India.

A network that's spread across quite 20 cities of India and there are quite 2000 healthcare professionals within the panel. We are an ISO-certified company for all our administrative protocols ensuring safe and best practices for our patients.

Are you look out for good quality medical facilities?

We are always ready to help all Tanzanian friends who are seeking treatment in India for healthcare issues.

You will get medical tourism details and has all the information focused on the aspects related. One can find various healthcare treatments and procedures, compare the cost for treatment in hospitals in India, Language Assistance, Special packages, second opinion, process flow, medical visa, Indian Embassy in Tanzania, and much more. If you have any dough or queries you can mail us.


This African country is a real status promoter. It showed sustained GDP growth for more than two decades. Continuous strive to attain different economic parameters has helped it graduating from low per capita to lower-middle-income strength.

Planned governance helped it achieve sustained macroeconomic stability too. It also supported the growth process.

Administration procedures include efforts to clamp down on corruption. Its ability to improve public administration, common infrastructure patterns has reflected its accountability to the inhabitants. Planned resource management could bring in improved social systems.

Yet, the 2020 Worldwide Governance Indicators could find out several flaws in common administration and public resource management. It has pointed out the strongest decline in establishing proper law and order. Government voice and accountability were also under question. All these put doubts in governance effectiveness.

Medical Services and Insurance

Despite starred improvement in various economic affairs, Tanzania scores poorly concerning its healthcare-providing capabilities. Expats get a strong recommendation from the authorities not to board down there without international health insurance support.

Public healthcare in the country is centralized in the major cities. The government has not yet provided enough funding for health. It is probably the main reason for the disgraced health facility situated in the country.

Expatriates working in the public sector services get automatic registration in the National Health Insurance Fund. Therefore, they can access public healthcare. Still, they prefer evacuation due to substandard infrastructural facilities in the government hospitals and clinics. Aftercare facilities are almost non-existent there.

Expats usually register with an international healthcare insurance provider before coming to the country. Almost all of these insurers provide for going out of the country for critical medical care. However, foreign people working in private establishments also can voluntarily opt for NHF.

Foreign employees and visitors usually chose private healthcare during their stay in Tanzania. They think private units offer better care during the treatment procedure and thereafter. Their health insurance provider offers a clinic list. It usually includes top private health clinics.

Again, advance private healthcare facilities are available in a few clinics of Dar es Salaam. Doctors recommend evacuation to Kenya or Tanzania for critical care treatment. You can also opt for India.

The average medical treatment cost is high in Tanzania. Thus, it is usually hard for poor people to manage. It also forms logic for having comprehensive healthcare insurance before arrival. These policies cover transportation costs too if doctors recommend medical evacuation.


Worldometer, the United Nations Organization, has just taken Tanzania's demography record. It is 61,580,611 as of Thursday, the 5th of August. It accounts for 0.77% of the total world population statistics.

The country ranks 24th in respect of people count. The population is scarcely dispersed in the country. The latest estimate says that Tanzania's population density is 67 per square kilometer. Of them, only 37 percent reside in the cities.

The country hosts a younger generation. Their median age is only 18 years.


Most Tanzanians follow Christianity. The country never had declared an official religion for the state. However, reports say that more than 80% of the population observe either Christ or Islam faith. Only 15 percent are animists.

Despite the state has no officially declared religion, people must have some religious nexus. It helps in smoothening civil service careers. Christians have currently held the majority of these positions. Next in the order are people who have combined faiths. These involve Christianity with animism.


Tanzania showed strong income growth between 2012 and 2019. The World Bank had announced on 01.07.2020 that Tanzania’s Gross National Per capita Income has increased to 1080 USD from 1020in 2018. Therefore, they are ready to offer it the lower-middle-income country status.

The government there has earlier set up its development goals. It is Tanzania Development Vision 2025 puts several missions. They have set their achievement within that period.

Vision 2025 puts in various targets. These include unity good and indiscriminate governance for all citizens. Other attributes include peace, stability, and high-quality living standards for all people. Their government commits a well-educated and lightened society. All these require a competitive economy. It is capable of bringing sustained growth and shared benefits.

The Ruling authorities realize the need for high per capita income. Yet they know that this does not reflect the people's situations below the poverty line. Economic experts know how investment in human development and physical capital can change the entire fiscal scenario. These are the keys to achieve broader goals. It also helps in improving the life quality.

Tanzania has performed fairly well in comparison to its regional peers. However, economic growth showed a reasonable slow down during the pandemic COVID-19. Its GDP showed significant contraction in 2020. From an estimated 5.8% growth, it came down to a mere 2.0%.

Its per capita growth also sliced down to negative points for the first time in more than 25 years. Tourism and traditional export activities slacked. It also caused a notable foreign investment drop.

Visa Policy

Tanzanian people can use Indian clinics and hospitals for doing any kind of treatment. However, they chose this land for critical diseases treatment. These include major replacements and cardiac treatments.

India offers standard treatment for cancerous diseases; specialist hospitals are good places for various internal surgeries too. You can trust us for neural diseases too.

To be eligible for treatment, you must have a valid passport. This must be at least six months old. You need not visit the embassy or consulate in person. Electronic visa facilities are there for your convenience.

Initially, the Ministry of Home Affairs in India will grant 60 days' stay permission. You can ask for an extension if needed. For this, you must submit your doctor's recommendation; it should explain why an additional term is required.

While applying for such a visa, you must show funding docs for your staying and treatment. The Visa authority will also check the to-and-fro flight booking before issuing such a visa.

Patients can take a maximum of two attendants with them. However, these persons will submit separate applications. They will get a Green Visa. Authorities do not permit its use for personal travels.

Why Tanzanian people chose another country for treatment?

We have summarized the reasons in the following order:

  • Substandard healthcare facilities.
  • Despite sufficient improvement in recent years, acute diseases treatments are scarce.
  • Chronic staff shortage.
  • Inability to implement cutting-edge technologies.
  • Available International healthcare packages for expatriates. These allow evacuation in acute emergency cases.

Why it's better to Choose HMSDESK?

Tanzanian Citizens are very sensitive towards their health requirements. Since the medical infrastructure isn't so matured in Tanzania, patients like better to travel abroad for medical management. Earlier only the rich Tanzanians could visit other countries to urge treatment, but nowadays it's easy to urge treatment and surgeries in India for folk also.

India is emerging together of the simplest and leading medical tourism hubs within the world. HMSDESK because the name suggests has always been at the forefront in fulfilling these needs and has become the foremost preferred healthcare-related service provider company for Tanzanian Patients.


With the best support from the Indian government for medical tourism, a large number of Tanzanians are traveling to India for various medical and surgical procedures. The major reason for the attention of these patients is the availability of reasonably priced treatments.

The patients from Tanzania can save a lot of money compared to what they have to shell out in their own country. The majority of the treatments in India cost about as low as one-tenth of what they cost in Tanzania.


Medical Visa from Tanzania to India

You will get a medical visa easily in India. You can fulfill all the information online properly it will be great. If you are facing any issues or there are some dough you can connect with us. We will assist you to get a visa.

Eligibility for Medical Visa from Tanzania to India

When the purpose to travel is medical treatment then only a medical visa is granted.

HMSDESK suggests the patient should seek treatment at a recognized well reputed and specialized hospital in India.

Maximum two medical attendants are allowed with the patient to accompany him/her. They can be/her family members, friends, or close associates.

Primary considerations in granting a medical visa are as follows. Serious diseases such as organ transplantation, neurosurgery, spine surgery, joint replacements ophthalmic disorders, renal disorders, cardiac problems, cancer treatment, congenital disorders, plastic surgery, gene therapy, Etc.

The list of treatments is non-exhaustive.

Documents Required for Indian Medical Visa Application from Tanzania

  • 1) Print of completed and signed online visa application form.
  • 2) Passport valid for 6 months.
  • 3) Two-color Passport size photographs.
  • 4) An official letter signed by the local doctor or hospital stating the attendant’s need to have his/her treatment in India.
  • 5) Copies of treatment records in Tanzania.
  • 6) Yellow Fever Certificate (both original and copy).
  • 7) An official letter from the concerned Indian hospital/doctor providing details of the required treatment and mentioning the patient’s name and the medical attendant’s name.
  • 8) Copy of travel itinerary.
  • 9) Proof of relationship between the applicant and his/her medical attendant should be submitted.

Online Application of Indian Medical Visa from Tanzania

Click on Regular Visa Application to get Indian Visa Online.

Fill up all the mandatory fields such as your country’s name, high commission, date of birth, e-mail id, nationality, expected date of arrival in India, and visa type.

The form consists of a total of three pages so you have to enter the access code and click on Save and Continue after submitting details on each page.

You have to enter details of your profession and the occupation of your family address.

If you visit India for your treatment only through HMSDESK’s assistance but don't have a reference in India, then you'll provide HMSDESK’s office address and contact number. (Contact Details)

You can upload your picture or paste it after you're taking out a print of the filled form. If you would like to upload your recent picture within the online form, click on Upload Photo.

Click on Modify/Edit if there's any mistake.

Click on Verified and Continue if all the info entered by you is correct.

Another new window will open after you've got clicked on Confirm the Appointment, bearing two options to Print or Save the web application. Save the web application. don't print it immediately as you'll lose the appliance by doing so.

Click on Print Registered Application to urge the hardcopy of your form.

If you haven’t uploaded your picture within the online form, then paste it within the photo box on the primary page. The photograph should be precisely the same size because of the box (2inch X 2inch).

Put your signature on the oblong box slightly below the photo box. Do an equivalent within the box at the rock bottom of the second page.

Finally, submit the appliance form alongside the specified documents at the Mission Counter on the appointed date, mentioned at the proper margin of the appliance, during the working hours.

Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee and Time

A medical visa is granted for six months with triple entries from Tanzania to India. The cost starts from 102.90 to 250 USD approx. An Indian medical visa from Tanzania is issued on the same day ( or a maximum of 3-5 days ) of the submission of the application.

For Medical Visa Extension in India or Medical Treatment Visa documents you can get help from HMSDESK. Our support team will assist and provide detailed information.

Medical visit India with the assistance of E-Visa

An e-tourist visa may be a tourist visa. People can apply for a medical visa if they need any small treatments which might not require much time. They can come to India for his/her medical check-ups also and Ayurveda Treatment in India.

Getting an e-tourist visa is far faster and easier than acquiring a medical visa together can apply for it from their computers or laptops.


e-visa is going to be granted for a period of up to 60 days with double-entry bookkeeping on e-Tourist Visa and eBusiness Visa and triple entry on e-Medical Visa. within the case of e-Medical Visa, an extension may be granted up to six months on case to case basis on merits of every case by the FRRO/ FRO concerned.

Basic conditions for e-Visa

e-Visa shall be non-extendable except within the case of e-Medical Visa. e-visa is additionally non-convertible except in specific cases.


Procedure After Arriving in India

The Government of India has formed a regulatory body named Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO)/ Foreign Registration Office (FRO) for registering foreign nationals visiting India. If your age is 16 years or more, you want to register yourself here within 14 days of arrival in India. a licensed representative also can register on your behalf.

If you would like to scale back the effort, you'll register yourself online by visiting the official government website- https://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/. there's a provision to form digital payment also. If you're applying online, be prepared to upload the required documents and your recent photograph. If you are doing not register within 14 days, you'll need to pay a US$30 late fee which is subject to revision.

Keep These Documents Handy While Applying Online

  • Original and photocopy of the passport
  • Original and photocopy of the visa
  • Four recent passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Residence Proof
  • Official letter from the Indian hospital where the patient is to undergo medical treatment. you'll even have to submit relevant medical documents and supply details of the anticipated duration of stay. just in case the patient is admitted to the hospital immediately after arriving in India, one can submit a medical certificate with the applicant’s attested photo and a certificate from the doctor.

Can I Extend My Medical Visa?

This is possible only the doctor finds that the patient must stay in India for a few days/weeks or months longer for complete recovery. For medical visa extension, a letter from a recognized hospital or reputed doctor is required alongside other medical documents.

With the best support from the Indian government for medical tourism, a large number of Tanzania patients are traveling to India for various medical and surgical procedures. The major reason for the attention of these patients is the availability of reasonably priced treatments.

The patients from Tanzania can save a lot of money compared to what they have to shell out in their own country. The majority of the treatments in India cost about as low as one-tenth of what they cost in Tanzania.

A Health Tour would typically include a full body comprehensive health check-up and tours to a number of the favored destinations.

Full body checkups would be followed by an in-depth evaluation of the reports and counseling of the patient who supported the reports.

After this, full-day spas are organized, followed by a tour around the city for about 2-3 days, to all or any of the main attractions.

Health Tours are beneficial for the patients. These tours are best wiped-out groups and corporate/brands are buying packages for his or her executives.

While coming find process flow for medical treatment and surgery in India.

Let's understand the method of coming to India for successful and economically priced medical treatment. the method begins with the patient sending his/her query and medical record through email or by discussing the medical condition over a call with a healthcare manager.

The reports and therefore the case is meticulously studied by our senior surgeons/physicians for an in-depth medical opinion, which is then conveyed to the patient in order that the patient can understand and plan subsequent steps accordingly. As a compulsory protocol, all reports are studied and reviewed by not but three experts for unbiased comprehensive medical opinions. After this, the patient can visit India on pre-confirmed dates. We also assist our patients in getting a medical visa. We also arrange all travel-related requirements such as accommodation, cab services, Etc.

Best hospitals in India for Tanzania patient

Hospitals in India offer State-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies.

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Blk Super Speciality Hospital
  • Saifee Hospital
  • Jaslok Hospital
  • Global Hospital
  • Medanta Medicity Hospital
  • HCG Hospital
  • SIMS Hospital, Chennai
  • MIOT Hospital, Chennai
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital
  • Bgs Gleneagles Global Hospital
  • Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital
  • Apollo Hospital
  • S L Raheja Fortis Hospital
  • Asian Heart Hospital
  • Hiranandani Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital
  • Yashoda Cancer Institute, Hyderabad
  • Saifee hospital, Mumbai
  • Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Get Free Expert Medical Opinions

You can get connected with us and we will arrange Free Expert Medical opinions to you. Get exact information's about your diagnosis and treatment in India. If you're facing any quite complex medical issues a second opinion will assist you in providing the foremost accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider India for your treatment?

India is promising as one of the favorite destinations for tourism in the world due to its affordability, accessibility, and much cheaper rates.

How to get detailed information faster for treatment?

Once you've got decided that you want to urge treatment in India you can email us your latest medical reports and accompanying X-Rays, MRI Scans, and other relevant medical documents at support@hmsdesk.com or Call or WhatsApp us on 9923782925 for at least one discussion with our executives.

What happens after sending patients' reports to HMSDESK?

When we receive your reports, we'll get them reviewed by expert doctors from the best-related hospitals. We will send an in-depth treatment package consisting of the doctor’s diagnosis, treatment plan, cost of treatment. You will also get details about the minimum duration of stay in the hospital and India.

How should I proceed to urge treatment in India?

After confirmation of the hospital, you will get an invitation letter from us to proceed further to urge treatment in India, our team will assist you with the Indian medical visa assistance and documentation process. we'll also assist you in arranging for a comfortable local stay for you and your attendant. You don’t need to send any money beforehand.

How soon we can able to be scheduled for treatment at a hospital in India?

We serve zero waiting period and you'll be received at the airport on arrival and immediately admitted to the hospital and treatment will start. It is advisable that you simply shouldn't delay your treatment particularly just in case of severe illnesses like Cancer, Heart or Spine, etc. Early start of treatment leads to quick recovery and lower expense compared to delay of treatment.

Why is the cost of your medical treatment package is Cheaper in India compared to other countries?

The patient will get quality services and the best facilities but the cost of a medical treatment package in India is cheaper because The Indian hospitals get medical service staff at a cheaper cost for responsibility for routine tasks, leaving expert doctors to handle only the most complicated procedures.

Why you should get your medical treatment through HMSDESK instead of our competitors?

We have a research team to get detail about different surgery and treatment cost facilities of the hospital and expert doctors, as per that we negotiate with related hospitals and get the most competitive prices and send the best quotations to patients.

Who will help the patient and attendant in my case during the medical tour?

HMSDESK assigns one patient case manager to the patient, who will help you from time to time and look out of detail starting from arrival to departure of your medical tour.

Can I choose my attendant accommodation myself?

Yes, of course. HMSDESK will provide you with complete assistance in selecting high-quality hotels near the hospital location that matches your budget.

How to get Medical Visa from Tanzania to India?

Open the government visa website for an Indian visa online and click on Regular Visa Application. Fulfill all details such as country, high commission based on your city, visa type, date of birth, expected date of arrival Etc. Any dough contact us on support@hmsdesk.com

Which is the best medical tourism company that provides the best services to Tanzanian Patients?

HMSDESK is one of the best medical tourism companies that offer end-to-end services to Tanzanian patients to get treatment in India.


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