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Lung Cancer Treatment in India


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Lung Cancer Treatment Overview

Lung cancer starts in the lungs under normal circumstances. The organ comprises two spongy particles in your chest. These take in oxygen at the time of inhaling and release CO2 as you exhale.

The disease takes a maximum life toll owing to cancer deaths throughout the world.

People with regular smoking habits have a higher risk to have the disease. Curiously, several lung cancer patients have never inhaled a bit of smoke. Risks for the disease increase as you have added to your smoke lists. Leaving smoking would reduce your chances of developing the disease.

Signs and Symptoms

It would make sense to inform you that Lung Cancer does not have any identifiable symptoms when it begins. It reaches an advanced stage when your doctor suspects the syndrome. The prevalent signs, and/or disease symptoms include:

  • Blood coughing, though small at times.
  • If you have developed a new cough that is hard to redress.
  • Breathe shortness.
  • Chest-pain.
  • Development of severe headache all of a sudden.
  • Voice hoarseness.
  • Pain in the bone.
  • Un-attempted weight loss.
Lung Cancer Causes
Lung Cancer types


Doctors have identified our intrusive smoking habit as the main hue of Lung Cancer. Smoking damages cells lining covering the Lungs. The principal destroying element in this regard is the carcinogen that is an invariable constituent of nicotine.

Types of the disease

The ailment in a respiratory controller is classified into two categories. Such classification finds base on the appearance of affected cells under a microscope. These are:

  • Smaller-sized tumors are invariable symptoms for high-end smokers. These are less common among the cancer apprehensions.
  • Another form is the big-sized umbrella tumors. The squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma - all belong to this cancerous disease type.

Risk Factors

Based on the infection characteristics, doctors have identified several factors that enhance the risks of Lung Cancer. Some of these factors are easily controllable, while the others are acute and too much sensitive; controlling these diseases would require researched treatments.

  • Smoking is the most formidable factor for disease intervention and propagation. Chain and other high numbers of cigarette smokers belong to the prime target of such disease. Reducing its extent or quitting smoking would significantly lower the risk.
  • Passive smokers are softer targets of the disease.
  • The disease passes through generations. You are quite likely to gain symptoms if any one of your forefathers, parents, or other siblings acquires the disease from other sources.
  • Working in a threatening environment would pose you under high Lung Cancer risk. If your workplace carries mist of asbestos, chromium, or nickel in its atmosphere, it will increase your risk of having the disease. However, the extent of infection depends on the percentage of presence.
  • Soil, rock, and water decomposing give birth to radon; it is a serious cancer of the disease.
  • Your exposure to radiation therapy to the chest to cure any other type of disease.

Possible complications

The syndrome is expected to bring about several convoluted signaling effects. Some of these could be summarized thus:

  • You may develop breath shortness acumen if the lump blocks the major airways.
  • Fluid can also be accumulated around the lungs; it restrains the inhale procedure.
  • Spread to other body parts would cause pain in the newly-affected zones.
  • Fluid can also accumulate in the surrounding space of the affected zone.
  • It causes breath shortness; your doctor will arrange for draining the fluid out.
  • A metastatic tumor can cause nausea, headache, or pain depending on the source organ. Secondary tumors are incurable; therefore, the doctor adopts measures to reduce signs and symptoms. It will help you sustain for a comparatively longer period.

Disease prevention

  • On the first hand, your doctor would ask you to stop smoking, if you already have that killer habit.
  • Stay away from the vicinity of smokers; it would help you curb the passive smoking effects.
  • If you need to work under toxic materials exposure, ask your employer about the precautionary measures he has adopted. Strictly abide by the deterrent noticed regulations.
  • Observe radon test at your home after a certain interval.
  • Eat leafy diets and fruits.
  • Avail of regular physical exercises.


If your doctor finds you otherwise healthy, he may consider a lung screening procedure. Such tests identify if an adult has developed the disease owing to heavy smoking for years. It helps diagnose lung cancer for people who have quitted smoking since long back. The tests involve a careful analysis of the cancerous cells to know the disease type. Under normal circumstances, disease diagnosis includes:

Imaging Tests

  • X-ray imaging of the lungs helps reveal the presence of abnormal masses or nodules.
  • Computed Tomography scanning would bring forward small lesions in the organ; X-ray imaging fails to identify such presences.

Sputum cytology

Doctors order the tests if you have coughed and are producing sputum. Looking at the sputum under a microscope may help diagnose a tumor in the lungs.


Theoretically, it involves a collection of abnormal cells sample through minor surgery. For lung cancer, biopsy takes the following various forms:

  • Bronchoscopy involves abnormal cell testing by using a lighted tube. The tube is passed down the throat into your lungs. Your testing doctor views the defamed cells with the light.
  • Diagnosing doctor may also make an incision at the cervical base; he then inserts surgical instruments into the breastbone hind. The tissue collection process into the zonal lymph nodes is called the Mediastinoscopy.
  • Needle biopsy procedure helps collect infected lung cells around the chest wall. The doctor uses CT scan images to perform the biopsy.
  • The Biopsy is also held in metastatic zones like the liver.

The staging Tests

After confirming the tumor present in your lungs, the doctor may also be curious to find out the extent to which the syndrome has affected the cells.

Such tests include further CT scan for determining the degree, MRI, and the Positron Emission Tomography, i.e., the PET. A bone scan may also be ordered based on your physical conditioning.


It is the doctor’s responsibility to discuss the most appropriate treatment type/s with the patient or his/her associates. Depending on the patient’s overall physical condition, your doctor will recommend one or multiple from the following treatment alternatives:


Under this process, the surgeon glides through the removal of cancer; he also removes marginal healthy cells to minimize relapse scope. Surgery methods involve:

  • Wedge resection for removing a small lung section containing the ailment stint; he also removes marginal healthy tissues from the surrounding areas.
  • In the segmental resection; the surgeon removes a comparatively larger lung portion, but not an entire lobe.
  • At times, he may require the removal of the entire lobe. The process is called a lobectomy.
  • The pneumonectomy involves the complete removal of the entire lung.

Radiation therapy

Doctors entrust the process to treat larger lung tumors. The procedure uses high-powered energy beams from X-ray or protons to demolish the cancerous cells. You will lie on a table and the machine would revolve around you; the pathologist will direct the radiation to precise body points.

The process may be used for lung cancer at the locally advanced stage after the surgical procedure. Radiation therapy is often associated with chemotherapy. Joint action produces better yield.


It involves medicinal uses to kill diseased cells. Such drugs are injected through an IV procedure; you may have to take oral contraception too.

The doctor’s team would offer a drug combination under serial treatments; it may be a long-standing process. Often they would facilitate a break to support your recovery process.

Targeted therapy

Targeted drugs help eliminate particular lump presences within the cancerous cells. It blocks cell abnormalities and kills the disease. Doctors recommend the procedure for recurrent cancer types


The procedure enhances natural immunity prowess; cancerous cells produce proteins that hinders these cells from immune system vigilance. Immunotherapy starts its operation through interference into the process.

The palliative care

Cancer patients often require checking that they can bear the stresses during and aftercare of the tumor disease. It is done as many patients develop disease signs and symptoms after the general care procedure is observed, At the same time, treatment side-effects are also seen in them.

Palliative care means supportive care that involves an application of specialized medicines to help reduce the possibilities of growing symptoms as aftermaths.

Lung Cancer symptoms
Lung cancer stages


Keep your doctor in touch when you have aged. If you smoke and can’t quit despite several attempts, consult him. He will help you in doing so. The recommended procedures include counseling, medications, and the use of nicotine replacement acumen.

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

  • One can easily find low-cost lung cancer treatment in India as compared to other western countries.
  • Along with quality services and satisfaction for lung cancer treatment at affordable prices, most international patients prefer India.
  • The lung cancer treatment costs range from $5,000 to $7,000. It depends upon the complexity of the treatment and services facilities from the hospital.

Get details of the lung cancer treatment hospitals in India that offer higher success rates at affordable cost. The cost of lung cancer treatment varies widely. For lone cancer surgery, it is necessary to choose the proper specialist/oncologist in India. HMSDESK helps patients seeking medical care and specialty treatments from the Best Oncologist in India. Various hospitals and clinics in India have gained massive popularity all over the world. International patients preferred places for the surgery or treatment would be tier one, in developed cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Mangalore, Kochi, Jaipur, and Pune.

Affordable Lung Cancer Treatment Cost In India

Lnng Cancer Treatment costs in Rupees can range between 400000 – 80000 INR. The total amount or final bill may vary based on the extra services provided by the hospital, the type of room the patient chooses, the diagnostic procedures conducted, medicine, and additional facilities availed.

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Lung Cancer Treatment in India
Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Frequently Asked Questions about Lung Cancer Treatment

How Radiation therapy is helpful?

Radiation therapy helps relieve symptoms like pain in advanced lung cancer and other metastatic cases.

What is the best use of chemotherapy in lung cancer?

Chemotherapy drugs help relieve pain and other symptoms for diseases at an advanced stage.

Who is treated by immunotherapy?

An immunity treatment is reserved for people with locally advanced bulges. It works well for metastatic diseases too.

What is curious about palliative care?

Palliative care works best for patients at an advanced stage. Research has revealed that patients, who started receiving support no sooner than their diagnosis had confirmed the disease, showed more longevity than those who are transferred to normal treatment courses.

Why consider India for Lung Cancer Treatment?

India is promising as one of the favorite destinations for Lung Cancer tourism in the world due to its affordability, accessibility, and much cheaper rates.

India has become one of the most promising countries for all types of medical and Lung Cancer treatment from a highly skilled Oncologist at many affordable prices. After surgery or treatment patient and attedant There are many Visiting places in India such as spiritual or historic palaces & museums to snow peaks, long coastline, backwater, rich heritage, and much more.

How am I able to find the best Lung Cancer Surgeons in India?

Just submit the inquiry form with details, and we will assist in finding the most suitable solutions as per your condition.

Which are the best Lung Cancer Hospitals in India that provide affordable Lung Cancer treatment?

Visit HMSDESK to find and get details about Lung Cancer treatment Hospitals in India. There are a good number of top Lung Cancer Hospitals in India that offer affordable treatments.

Is a low-cost Oncologist in India make any surgery successfully?

Lung Cancer surgeon in India have experience and skills are known across the world for surgery or Lung Cancer treatments.

Can you arrange a vacation tour after the treatment for me?

HMSDESK can arrange the best memorable vacation tour in India for you.

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