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Liver Cancer Treatment in India


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Liver Cancer Treatment Overview

Liver functions through filtering the blood coming from the digestive tract. Therefore, we get a fresh flow of blood that helps other organs function properly. It removes the toxins from the chemicals present in blood and metabolizes drugs. Proteins required for blood clotting and various other functions are also synthesized in the liver. Perfunctory work and deposition of waste materials prevent our liver from proper functioning. Such accumulation gives rise to lump formation. It may turn into a tumor that creates primary liver cancer.

Liver cancer, as the name suggests, starts in the liver cells. Liver is the most important abdominal organ; it looks like a football. It resides at upper right abdominal portion of our body; its exact location is beneath your diaphragm just above the stomach. Any disorder in this organ demoralizes our entire body's physiological activities.

Like other forms of a tumor, lumps in the liver can be both belong to primary and metastatic forms. The latter ones are more common; these are named after the organ where it begins. Therefore, we get titles like metastatic colon cancer that implies that the disease was actually originated in the colon and drifted later to the organ under discussion.

Disease Types

We found commonest liver cancerous type under a name of hepatocellular carcinoma; it begins in one of the main type of liver cell called hepatocyte. Depending on the symptoms and physiological carcinoma types, medical sciences have identified several other disease forms too. Thus, we get intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and hepatoblastoma; however, these are not so frequently diagnosed.

Liver Cancer types
Liver Cancer Symptoms


Doctors cannot identify liver cancer at its opening as it seldom shows any signs and symptoms as it breaks up. Signs and the symptoms develop at somewhat later stages. The doctors pointed out several occurrence to sign the disease up :

  • Sudden appetite losing.
  • Abnormal loss in body weight.
  • Pain in the upper abdominal region.
  • Abdominal swelling.
  • Fatigue.
  • Feeling weak all of a sudden.
  • White and chalky stools.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • You may develop jaundice that is prevalent from yellowish appearances of the skin. Eyes would also appear white.


Cancer develops if organ cells undergo unplanned mutation. Such cells undergo uncontrolled break-ups without having any instruction from DNA. Therefore, the newly generated cells are docile; but of strengthening the physiological process, these replace all other healthy cells in and around the organ by killing them.

As the creative cells in and around the organ devastate, your body's immune system goes off and tumor dominates over your organ.

Chronic hepatitis infection, for instance, affects body immunity. It forms the basic cause of several diseases like liver cancer.

Risk Factors

Medical research has traced several factors that increase the primary liver cancer potential. These include:

  • Chronic Hepatitis-B or C infection; both of these increase body immunity thus enhancing chances of tumor infection.
  • Liver cirrhosis is one of the top formidable cancer reasons. It is a progressive and irreversible condition that causes scar tissue to form in your liver. It enhances chance factors of developing the disease.
  • Tumors like hemochromatosis and Wilson's disease are inherited.
  • If you have excess sugar in your body.
  • Unscientific fat accumulation in the abdomen.
  • Regular and uncontrolled alcohol consumption.
  • Poorly stored crop grain often develops aflatoxins. It venoms the food contents within grains. Consuming such food would affect your body's physiological activities. Under chemical’s influence, you may get a terrible disease.


  • Stay away from consuming alcohol; try to avoid them at parties too. Consume in moderate if your association insists.
  • Choose a healthy diet; consume these in time. Your doctor would fix an ideal diet for your everyday consumption.
  • Make physical exercises a regular practice.
  • Take preventive measures against immunity-infective HIV diseases.
  • Avoid doing sex with an alien.
  • Keep away from Intravenous drugs; ensure clean needle use if you need it.
  • I do not recommend tattooing or other physical dispersion modes. Confirm that the designer uses a sterilized needle if this piercing forms your likes.
  • Insist your doctor to treat HIV as soon as possible. As you cure the disease, your ability to combat liver cancer would certainly increase along.


Doctors recommend several tests while he suspects a slipped disc.

Blood Test

Detailed blood test helps detect liver abnormal functionalities.

Imaging Test

These include computed tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and USG.


Sometimes your doctor may order the removal of some liver tissues for lab testing. The test is called a biopsy that helps definitive liver cancer diagnosis.

Under this procedure, the pathologist would insert a thin needle through the skin and into your liver. It helps obtain a tissue sample. Then he examines the tissue under a microscope to trace cancer cells. The process, however, carries several risks too. These may include bleeding, bruising, and infection.

Mining cancer stage

After determining the disease, your doctor would be interested to know the disease extent. Such fixation would include fixing the size and disease location. He also checks if it has turned to metastatic paranoid. The methods of cancer stage determination include using Roman Numerals I to IV, or using letters A through D.


ment processes include


Surgery to remove Liver Cancer involves two processes. These involve:

Liver Cancer Removal

Doctors recommend surgery to remove cancerous disease and a small portion of healthy liver tissues surrounding the area. Such a process is applicable if the tumor is small and organ offers good functionality.

Tumor removal conditions include location, organ functionality, and the patient’s overall health situation.

Liver Transplant

During this method, the diseased organ is removed and replaced with a donated healthy liver. Doctors opt for this procedure at all earliest disease stages.

Localized treatments

Every localized treatment is directly administered to your cancerous cells surrounding the cancer cells. The procedures include:

  • Heating yours cancer cells: It involves using radiofrequency that destroys cancer cells. Under the image test guide, your doctor inserts one or more thin needles into small incisions in your abdomen. As the needle reaches the tumor, it gets heated with an electric current, destroying affected cancer cells. Uses of microwaves or lasers also work well.
  • Freezing cells: During the procedure, the doctor places a cryoprobe directly into the tumors. The instrument carries liquid nitrogen. With the ultrasound images, the instrument can monitor the cells freezing.
  • Alcohol injection into the liver: Treating doctors may also inject alcohol into the tumors. He may perform such job either through the skin or while conducting the operation. Alcohol gets over your tumor cells.
  • Adding chemotherapy drugs in the affected areas: Your doctor synthesizes chemoembolization into the liver; it is a treatment type supplying strong anti-cancer drugs in your affected zone.
  • Placing beads filled with radiation in the liver: Doctors place tiny spheres containing radiation into your organ.

Radiation Therapy

X-rays and protons help destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. It involves radiation therapy; the option is experienced when other options have either failed or could not produce desired results. Doctors apply radiation therapy to treat advanced tumors.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy involves drug treatments that focus on specific abnormalities in the affected cells. Such remedial procedures involve drug uses that block abnormality to kill all other affected cells.

Supportive or palliative care

Palliative care involves specialized medical care to offer relief from pain and other serious illness symptoms. Doctors recommend the method in conjunction with several aggressive methods including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

With such care process, the medical team supports their attempts to improve life quality for cancer patients, especially after at the end of your surgical process.

Liver Cancer causes
Liver Cancer stages

Liver Cancer Treatment Cost in India

  • One can easily find low-cost liver cancer treatment in India as compared to other western countries.
  • Along with quality services and satisfaction for liver cancer treatment at affordable prices, most international patients prefer India.
  • The liver cancer treatment costs range from $5,000 to $7,000. It depends upon the complexity of the treatment and services facilities from the hospital.

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You need to be in touch with your consulting doctor once he suspects that you have developed such a disease. Be calm; take up the tests as fast as you can. Do not forget to consume the prescribed medicine as this only can help your faster recovery.

Liver Cancer Treatment in India
Liver Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Frequently Asked Questions about Liver Cancer Treatment

Is liver cancer a fast-growing disease?

An oncologist can offer you an answer. A higher grade of cancer will find several other possibilities of recurrence.

Can a doctor cure the disease?

Often the doctors’ team guesses the case even before they start developing into the advanced stage. Liver transplant process offers the best cure chances under such circumstances.

What the treatments aim at?

Liver cancer aims at eradicating cancer; it also helps you achieve an excellent outcome and better life quality.

Can the disease relapse?

The counseling ability of the treatment team helps people get rid of relapsing fear. In most cases, it recurs out of temperament down flow.

What is the common Diagnosis of Liver Cancer Treatment?

Doctors recommend several blood tests for diagnosing the HCC. Imaging tests like CT scan and MRI are also recommended. A biopsy may also be sought.

Is there any relation between fatty liver cancer and HCC?

Diseases like NAFLD or Cirrhosis have the potential to convert into HCC. But, these are not related.

Is treatment for HCC similar to another cancer handling?

Local diseases are similarly treated.

Evaluation and finding origins replicate.

Is upper back pain a sign of HCC?

The common belief is that such pain may be due to liver disease. Consult a doctor with having any such issue.

Is HCC hereditary?

Redundant to say; yet, very few cases are found that support such contention.

Why consider India for Liver Cancer Treatment?

India is promising as one of the favorite destinations for Liver Cancer tourism in the world due to its affordability, accessibility, and much cheaper rates.

India has become one of the most promising countries for all types of medical and Liver Cancer treatment from a highly skilled Neurosurgeon at many affordable prices. After surgery or treatment patient and attedant There are many Visiting places in India such as spiritual or historic palaces & museums to snow peaks, long coastline, backwater, rich heritage, and much more.

How am I able to find the best Liver Cancer Surgeons in India?

Just submit the inquiry form with details, and we will assist in finding the most suitable solutions as per your condition.

Which are the best Liver Cancer Hospitals in India that provide affordable Liver Cancer treatment?

Visit HMSDESK to find and get details about Liver Cancer treatment Hospitals in India. There are a good number of top Liver Cancer Hospitals in India that offer affordable treatments.

Is a low-cost Neurosurgeon in India make any surgery successfully?

Neurosurgeon in India have experience and skills are known across the world for surgery or Liver Cancer treatments.

Can you arrange a vacation tour after the treatment for me?

HMSDESK can arrange the best memorable vacation tour in India for you.

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