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Radiation Therapy Treatment Cost

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Radiation Therapy Cost

Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer with radiation. this will be wiped out a spread of the way, counting on the character of your cancer. the foremost commonly used method is named external beam therapy (from a machine outside the body), which directs radiation at your tumor.
How does radiotherapy work?
Although the radiation affects both cancer and normal cells, it's a greater effect on the cancer cells. Treatment aimed toward a cure will give the very best possible dose of radiation to the cancer area (within safe limits) to aim to kill all the cancer cells. Sometimes smaller doses are used, where the aim is to scale back the dimensions of a tumor and/or relieve symptoms.
Radiation oncologist. this sort of doctor focuses on giving radiotherapy to treat cancer. A radiation oncologist oversees radiotherapy treatments. Radiation oncology nurse. This nurse focuses on caring for people receiving radiotherapy.
Radiation Therapy Process
The process of radiotherapy is going to be customized for patients, counting on which sort of radiotherapy patients and their physicians choose as their options. Overall, there are five basic steps of radiotherapy that we will share to offer patients thought of what to expect. These steps include initial consul¬tation, simulation, treatment planning, treatment delivery, and post-treatment follow-up.
Initial consultation
Consultation is the initiative of the radiotherapy process. This involves a meeting with a radiation oncologist, who reviews a patient’s medical records, pathology reports, and radiology images and performs a physical examination.