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Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre in Mumbai

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre, Mumbai  

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre
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OPD Fee : 300 To 4000 Rs
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Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre is based in Mumbai and established in the year 2006. The Eye hospital is one of the best private hospitals Mumbai, India that offers contact numbers, Reviews and Ratings, facilities, services, photos, and Google maps listed on Hmsdesk. The address is 222, S V Road, Near Suburbia Movie Theatre, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050. The patient can get procedure costs by organ or specialty, book appointments of the hospital doctors, online consulting, download hospital profiles for more details.

Pre Procedure Instructions and Precautions
Dr-Anand-Shroff-and-Mr-Dietmar-Waltz-with-the-Concerto-laserThank you for choosing Shroff Eye LASIK Centre for your Laser Vision Correction. Our team will do all that is possible to make your experience a comfortable one.

If you are a contact lens user, please ensure that you have stopped using your soft contact lenses 3-4 days , or semi-soft [rigid] contact lenses at least 3 weeks before the procedure date.
Do refrain from wearing any form of eye make-up for a day before the procedure. If possible thoroughly clean the eyelids and lashes of remnants of eye make-up.
Avoid wearing scented lotions, perfume, cologne, hair spray, mousse or gel on the procedure day as this affects the laser energy and the outcome.
You may take a hair bath the day of the procedure, as washing of hair is not permitted for 48 hours post-procedure.
Please have a light breakfast on the day of the procedure. You will need to have somebody accompany you to understand the post-procedure instructions and escort you home. You will not be able to drive home after the procedure.
You can expect to be at the clinic for approximately 1 hour for your laser vision correction procedure.


Why people choose LASIK?
Some of the common reasons why people undergo LASIK or get obviate their spectacles and get in touch with lenses are : contact intolerance, cosmetic reasons, social (marriage), uninterested in wearing glasses, and lifestyle activities that are inhibited thanks to glasses or lens wear like outdoor sports like golf, football, water sports or hiking.

In some careers like Merchant Navy and Airways or for commercial Pilots it's a requirement to possess 20/20 or 6/6 vision. LASIK helps tremendously here.

Spectacles are cosmetically unappealing for a few . there's a degree of distortion when rummaging through the periphery of the glasses, the sector of vision is reduced and on leaving a chilly room moisture can fog the glasses and blur vision for a couple of minutes. Hence glasses are unacceptable surely careers.

Contact lenses require motivation with great attention to hygiene during insertion and removal, failing which sight – threatening infections may result.

LASIK or laser eye treatment overcomes of these disadvantages.

The LASIK Procedure – Steps Involved
This is an outpatient procedure that sometimes takes 5-7 minutes per eye. the particular laser treatment usually takes a couple of seconds.

The Wavelight 500 Hz Laser that we use is one among the fastest safest laser eye treatments, treating one dioptre of power in about 1.3 seconds.

Procedure & RecoveryFirst you'll lie on the motorized bed.
The eyes are anesthetized with eye drops only.
The head is positioned under the laser.
A soft clip keeps the eyelids gently and comfortably open during the treatment.
You will be asked to seem at a soothing green blinking light during the whole procedure.
During the treatment, an instrument called the microkeratome r a femtosecond laser (bladeless LASIK) creates a corneal flap to form it an easy procedure. The computerized Wavelight 500 Hz Excimer laser uses a beam of sunshine to softly reshape the cornea so on alter its curvature to the specified extent. The flap when replaced on the new corneal curvature allows images to be sharply focused on the retina. The goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce the dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

A post – procedure eye examination is performed and eye drops are prescribed. There could also be mild discomfort for a couple of hours after the procedure.

An improvement in vision is noticed within 4-6 hours with restoration of functional vision by subsequent morning. However, complete recovery may take up to few weeks.
Some people revisit to figure the day after treatment. Two or three days are suggested. For a couple of days after LASIK, patients may experience slight blurred vision.
This is a part of the healing process and this blurred vision usually clears up during a few days.

LASIK may be a permanent treatment. However, patients who are 40 years and above, may require reading glasses.
During your consultation we'll offer you can a thought of the procedure and therefore the level of vision you'll expect.

Millions of patients worldwide and thousands with our doctor have had an Excimer laser refractive procedure done on them successfully.

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre in Mumbai

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre a private hospital is well equipped with the infrastructure that provides complete treatments and surgeries for all. Patients can book an appointment for the doctors or get online consultation.

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre has a staff of professional nurses that provide far better-taking care of the patients. The hospital features a team of experienced doctors and staff that supply modern services to patients. Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre in Mumbai provides varied ranges of treatments, excellent solutions to clinical facilities, and diagnosis of illness.

Medical consultants attached to most branches also visit these clinics on specific days, therefore the treatment quality remains high. Hospital has full-time and visiting consultants who are having a great experience in their field. The hospital has fully-functional operation theaters and medical care Units. Quality care is ensured at affordable prices, So it's an intelligent decision for getting yourselves or your relatives treated in Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre. Patients can ask questions to get answers from the expert doctors. Write feedback, give or get genuine reviews and ratings. One can contact us with the given form on the right side.

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