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Meenakshi Hospital in Thanjavur

Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur  

Meenakshi Hospital
OPD Timing : 9 AM To 8 PM
Opd Days: Monday To Saturday
OPD Fee : 200 To 4000 Rs
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Specialities: , Critical Care, Dental Surgery, ENT, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Oncology, Urology, Psychiatry

Meenakshi Hospital

Meenakshi Hospital is based in Thanjavur and established in the year 2010. The Multispeciality hospital is one of the best private hospitals Thanjavur, India that offers contact numbers, Reviews and Ratings, facilities, services, photos, and Google maps listed on Hmsdesk. The address is 244/2, Trichy Main Road, Near New Bus Stand, Nilagiri, Therkku Thottam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613005. The patient can get procedure costs by organ or specialty, book appointments of the hospital doctors, online consulting, download hospital profiles for more details.

While Dr. S. Gurushankar was traveling from Kumbakonam to Madurai via Tanjore alongside his friends, one among his friend complained of pain. it had been in Tanjore and he couldn’t find a far better place for the treatment of his friend. After giving care in one of the hospitals, they managed to bring the patient to Madurai and treated him.

But this experience brought an insight into the thought of Dr. S. Gurushankar. He enquired about and analyzed the healthcare facilities available within the Delta region. The region may be a group of 4 districts, Tanjore, Thiruvarur, Pudukkottai, and Nagapattinam. it had been shocking for him to understand that there's no latest medical building within the region which is home for quite 8 million people.

They had to travel an extended thanks to Chennai, Trichy, or Coimbatore for getting good treatment and it had been very difficult to them. thus far many lost their lives thanks to the unavailability of the right medical treatment at the right time.

Dr. S. Gurushankar decided to seek out how with which he can help them. He has decided to start out a hospital in Tanjore which is a convenient location for people from all districts of Delta region. albeit the incident went on in 2008, it took 2 more years for Dr. Gurushankar to materialize it. stone for Meenakshi Hospital, Tanjore laid in 2010. Three years later, in January 2013, Meenakshi Hospital, Tanjore opened its doors to the general public ending the woes of them. albeit Dr. S Gurushankar planned for one specialty hospital for Cardiac care, expectations from the general public and their repeated requests forced him to create a multispecialty hospital with all critical care and other facilities. it's started as a multispecialty hospital with 100 beds in 2013, now it's expanded 100% capacity to 250 beds with 19 major specialties and high-end state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.

It has a well-equipped diagnostic wing with a 24-hour Clinical Laboratory, and provides reliable emergency services through its Accident & Trauma Care Unit and Intensive Respiratory Care Unit, both of which are unique within the region. It brings a comprehensive treatment through state-of-the-art facilities within the fields of Radiology & Imaging Sciences, Physiotherapy, and Nutrition & Dietetics.

Currently, Meenakshi hospital treats quite 1,00,000 patients annually. it's successfully conducted quite 25000 surgical procedures since its inception in January 2013. The hospital is a Centre of excellence for Renal transplantation.

It is the sole hospital in the Delta region with Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery under one roof. Over 1000 beating heart surgeries and 2000 angioplasty are results of the hospital’s expertise. The hospital may be a single point for Medical, Surgical, and Radiation Oncology services and it's added a state-of-the-art linac facility

World-class healthcare at affordable cost sympathetically, love, and healing touch.

We are committed to delivering first-class clinical care in treating patients with the newest evidence-based protocols, creating awareness, enhancing the wellness quotient of the individual, and eventually of the community by maintaining a balance between quality, cost, and care.

Quality Policy
We continually strive for excellence in developing, providing, and improving world-class health care services at a reasonable cost. We are driven by the zeal to worry pityingly and dedication in delivering quality patient care to the area people through inculcating core values, flawless ethics, and building synergies.

Meenakshi Hospital, Tanjore prides itself at its unflinching dedication towards delivering quality health care at a reasonable cost to all or any . to realize this we've set exacting benchmarks for ourselves, whether in technology, services, infrastructure or within the experienced medical fraternity we employ. we've also chosen to integrate hospital and clinical care with research and education, adding thereto our unparalleled human and humane touch.

Meenakshi Hospital in Thanjavur

Meenakshi Hospital a private hospital is well equipped with the infrastructure that provides complete treatments and surgeries for all. Patients can book an appointment for the doctors or get online consultation.

Meenakshi Hospital has a staff of professional nurses that provide far better-taking care of the patients. The hospital features a team of experienced doctors and staff that supply modern services to patients. Meenakshi Hospital in Thanjavur provides varied ranges of treatments, excellent solutions to clinical facilities, and diagnosis of illness.

Medical consultants attached to most branches also visit these clinics on specific days, therefore the treatment quality remains high. Hospital has full-time and visiting consultants who are having a great experience in their field. The hospital has fully-functional operation theaters and medical care Units. Quality care is ensured at affordable prices, So it's an intelligent decision for getting yourselves or your relatives treated in Meenakshi Hospital. Patients can ask questions to get answers from the expert doctors. Write feedback, give or get genuine reviews and ratings. One can contact us with the given form on the right side.

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