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Frequently Asked Questions


Just go to Services Find Dashboard and click on Register, fullfil required fields and submit. You will receive mail with link. Click on given link to activate your account. After that login and update your profile.

Yes, doctor, Practitioners and Diagnostic center can list and avail services free. There is paid subscrption option is also available. Premium membership at just 80$ per year that will help to increase branding, your revenue, online presence, and patient flow. We will take extra efforts to promote your hospital pages through social media and digital marketing, Get verified sign and appointments from our site, and patients can connected with directly.

Doctors can list their maximum information. Add quality Images, content, tags, Services, expirience Etc. If your expert and interested to give second opinion you will be listed in second opinion option aslo. You have to mange schdule your appointment for all the days. To get best result.

hospitals can list their maximum information. Add quality Images, content, tags, Services, expirience Etc. You can add maximum expert doctors profile from your account and get appointments online. Add treatment cost as per organs and speciality for the best results.

Diagnostic labrotories can add different tests and packages of test to get more business leads. Add proper information, quality Images, content, tags, Services, expirience Etc. To get best result.

You can just showing the bank details and do sharing and otp or trasection details. There are some other secure option are also available such as Google Pay or Phone Pay you can add mobile number for that to receive payment. If you are not intersted to give bank details, then patient can choose spot payment.

Yes, you will get guaranteed business. Most of the things are depend upon you such as you sholud use unique and quality content to add description, expirience, Etc. We will promote your web pages through digital marketing and give you more business. Please read reund policy.

HMSDESK is leading doctors, hospitals and Diagnostic labs ditectory. Those whoare looking to increase business can register and List the business information. Read healthcare professionals guide will for help you.

You have to add quality content, avail maxmmum options from our site. Add some blogs, and give answer to feedback time to time, with proper response to the users and patients. We will help to boost your business through digital marketing and social media marketing.

No, it is completely free to use HMSDESK!

HMSDESK is a medical marketplace that brings healthcare providers and patients together. It is not only for national patients but also ideal platform for people seeking information on surgery or treatment abroad.

The price displayed on HMSDESK is the average cost for that procedure. Once you inquire with the hospital, you will get an estimated cost specific to your case based on your condition, medical history, and treatment needs.

After finalization of your treatment you will get letter and realted document in Email from the hospital to get visa.

When the care provider responds to your inquiry with a quote, they're going to include information on what the worth covers. Typically the quote includes consultation, necessary tests, cost of the procedure and stay within the hospital. However, every hospital has its own pricing structure so you ought to get specifics from the hospital. If it's still unclear, you'll always send the provider a message to invite clarification.

HMSDESK doesn't participate in the cost control for any of the treatments. Prices are decided and updated by the hospital/service providers.

Many Healthcare center/ serv providers have international translators who can assist you during the entire process. You have to check it out with the hospital for your specific language needs.

We maintain very high standards with reference to patient confidentiality and privacy, including the transfer of sensitive materials in the least times. together with your permission, we'll only send your records to the providers of your choice. Your data won't be used for the other purpose and can be secure in the least times.

HMSDESK will not accept any payment from the patient. All payments should be made directly to the hospital Practitioners and Diagnostic center. You can make payment for appointment online or offline and For the treatment you have to get connect with the hospital.

Only you can select the right doctor form the list of speciality doctors and as per your healthcare needs. After secting look details such as qualification, description, experience, ratings, and reviews, fees from other patients. And then book an appointment online.