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What are the advantages of Medical Tourism in India?

Date : 2020-10-14 14:22 PM
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Vidya Jagtap Hospital 2020-10-14 14:25:08

HMSDESK is an international medical Tourism company for patients. Get detailed information about Medical Tourism in India that offers to find the best hospitals and doctors. Medical Tourism is a rapidly upcoming and growing sector of India. As per the report by the Federation of India COC, India receives its maximum number of medical tourists from south Asia, Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and the SAARC group. Medical tourism holds immense potential due to the availability of cheaper treatment costs as compared to western countries, good infrastructure, medical expertise, quality healthcare provider, and services. This has led to a good amount of growth in the health-care field as well as the tourism field with the advent of technology and fierce competition to provide quality service, India has been one of the most sought places for medical tourism. However, with any growing sector, the challenges and competition faced are equally large. To stay ahead in this competition, a country needs to be updated on the newest technology and advances in the medical and tourism fields as well. Through this study and effort has been made to understand the current scenario of medical tourism in India, its scope, opportunities, and challenges in the upcoming near future. Medical tourism is the fastest-growing segment of the Indian tourism sector. According to GATS, medical tourism forms the second model in the health care sector as well. Cost Economy Two types of cost savings are enjoyed by people who come to India for treatment. Around 50 percent of the cost is saved in traveling in comparison to several developed countries. Secondly, people can save more than 40 percent of the cost behind medical treatment in comparison to any of the developed western countries. The cost of living in India is too low in comparison to various developed western countries. For instance, rent in India is around 86% cheaper than in the USA. You may be required to stay for a longer period both before and after the treatment. Such a cost economy will help you. Easy Communication Medical Tourism Companies abroad convince their client about the ease of communication here. Around 70% of the literate people in India are comfortable speaking English. It is one of the biggest advantages for people visiting from abroad to meet their medical, traveling, or professional objectives. For more information, you can contact us at - E-mail - support@hmsdesk.com

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