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The main reason behind such exceptional growth, as identified in the Medical Tourism Market Report, was its ability to provide topmost quality care at minimum costing.

Medical tourism in India has grown up at a substantial rate. As revealed in the March 2020 report, the total turn-up from medical tourists has reached to $7.58 billion.

The main reason behind such exceptional growth, as identified in the Medical Tourism Market Report, was its ability to provide topmost quality care at minimum costing. The availability of optimum quality life-saving treatment has made the country a favorite destination for international patients.

In the following lines, we have highlighted the major reasons making medical tourism to India a favorable option:

Easy processing of Medical VISA

India has recently introduced "M" visa for tourists coming to the country for medical treatment. These VISAs enjoy preferred allocation. Therefore, coming to the country under the refuge of these passes becomes too easy.

Under the new policy of VISA allowance, patients with life-threatening conditions get priority. “M” visa ensures this and people from abroad like enjoying the facility.

Uncomplicated processing for surgery patients

Indian hospitals do not linger the patients waiting for life-saving treatments. Surgeries are done with priority; it is in contrast to experiences in developed countries like the US or UK where dates are offered after a lapse of years under in certain cases.

This clearly explains why Medical Tourism in India is getting so popular with elapse of time. People from even advanced countries contact medical tourism companies there to help them arrange treatment in India. They expect standard and faster treatment in this country.

International Standard Services and Care

India, despite being a member of developing nations in the world, can provide International Standard care to the ailing. The suites offered in different hospitals belong to European or US-pattern.

A lot of personalized services are there too. These include interpreter or personal assistant; people in the latter category help the disabled.  The top-level hospitals provide 24×7 access to hospital facilities and customer care services.

Doctors are trained in the best medical schools; the level of knowledge is at par with the hospitals in countries like the US or UK. Communication seems to be not an issue with most of these people.

Cost Economy

Packs of cost curtailment will be entertained by patients from abroad. The Medical Tourism Companies in India highlight this factor at the premier.

The total cost involves airfare, cost of residence hired or hotel expenses, and food. Most of the treatments are time-consuming; therefore, people need to arrange for accommodation, furniture (if not available), and cookeries too.

All these involve expenses; besides, there are costs for treatment too. People appeal Indian Government for an opportunity here as the costs are substantially lower in all respects mentioned above.

They will be able to get premium quality of treatment at almost 50% of the cost. It justifies their urge for taking treatment opportunities in the country.

Opportunities for re-treatment recovery

The top-level medical care units in India are now offering various alternative treatments. India is known as the country of Ayurveda practice. Ministry of tourism has motivated the Medical Tourism Companies in India to promote this opportunity.

Treatments like Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy infuse immense energy to the patients. Therefore, these treatments are recommended as post-treatment therapies.

Experts in these techniques are available in the Institute where the main treatment is offered. They train up the patient and instruct about its pattern.

Patients would like the relaxed healing of their trauma. These have immense psychological advantages too.

Depending on the quality of therapeutic care offered, a lot of Indian hospitals are qualified for JCI and NABH certification.

Presently, more than 35 hospitals are ready to accept Medical Tourism patients. These offer the best treatments for various acute diseases.

You can surely find anyone that offers care for your disease. Get your admission there and enjoy the healing. 



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