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best Liver Transplantation in India

Liver Transplantation Cost In India

There are some of the best Liver Transplantation hospitals are available in India that takes every possible effort to make liver transplant affordable and rare failure chance.

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body. It is found on the right-hand side, just below the ribs, and performing over 500 vital functions like,

• It controls the level of several hormones in our blood.

• Removing bacteria and toxins from the blood.

• It stores many important vitamins also help regulate body temperature.

• Some producing bile which helps the cholesterol & fat-soluble vitamin & defense against infection.

A liver transplant is a surgical operation that removes a liver that damage function properly

(like failure liver) and replaces it with a healthy liver from a donor.

Some causes that the Liver transplant is:

• Acute liver failure: 80%-90% liver cell damage.

• Viral hepatitis: viral hepatitis completely damages our liver.

• Alcoholic liver damage: high alcohol stops the liver function.

• Liver cancer: cancer cells grown deep into the liver tissues.

Type of liver transplant

• Organ donation transplant is a liver that has been removed from a dead person recently.

Like who is family has expressed a wish to donate their liver after death.

Transplant surgery

liver transplant is a major surgical operation that the surgery can take time from 4-8 hours or maybe longer if there are other treatment requirements like such a special anesthesia requirement because of our liver and blood vessel anatomy.

Liver transplant procedure in India

Surgeons first operate on the donor who will give the liver, removing the portion of the liver for transplant. Then surgeons remove your damaged liver and place the donated liver in your body. Then surgeons connect your blood vessels and bile ducts to the new liver.

After the procedure, in Indian hospital usually, the Patient possibly stays in the incentive care unit for a few days & Spends 7 to 10 days in the hospital.

In India 75% of people who are going liver transplant live for at least five years.

For every 100 people who receive a liver transplant for any reason, about 75 will live for five years and 25 will die within five years.

In India, the survival rate for liver transplant after one year greater than 90% .this means the average patient has a 9 out of 10 chance of being alive and very well after 12 months of the transplant.

Liver Transplant cost in India

The average cost of liver transplant in India from 15-20 lakhs. Depend on hospital-like government or privet

Some privet hospital-like privet deluxe hospital charges 30-35 lakhs including all like,

• Liver transplant surgeon cost

• Operation cost

• Hospital stay until recovery (including food)

• Laboratory charges ( LFT or some blood test)

• Pharmacy ( anti-rejection drug or other medicine)

• Anesthesia & physical therapy

The cost of liver transplant in India is much affordable when the comparison to other countries. 

Liver Transplant best hospital in India

Fortis Hospital

BNH HCG Cancer Centre, Mumbai

Manipal Hospital

Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.

Max Super Speciality Hospital

Apollo Hospital

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.

Sahyadri Hospital, Pune.

Blk Super Speciality Hospital

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Advance Institute of Liver and Biliary Science

Liver transplant hospitals in India use the latest technology and best possible practices for patient health and wellness. These hospitals team takes every possible effort to make liver transplant affordable and rare failure chance.

After Liver Transplantation diet & nutrition

After a liver transplant, it is especially important to eat or a balanced diet to help you recover liver healthy. Diet after transplant would be low in salt, cholesterol, and sugar. Eating at least fruits and vegetables each day and most important to avoid alcohol. Drinking low-fat or fat-free dairy products, they important to maintain optimal calcium and phosphorus levels

After Transplantation Exercise

Exercise and physical activity would be a regular part of your life after a liver transplant to continue improving your overall physical and mental health.

Walking, bicycling, swimming, low-impact strength training and other physical activities you enjoy can all be a part of a healthy, active lifestyle after transplant.


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