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Elbow Replacement Surgery Cost

Find best Elbow Replacement Surgery facilities and treatment providing hospitals in India and book appointment with Orthopedic Surgeons, Get a free consultation, and procedure cost for Elbow Replacement Surgery in India.

Elbow Replacement Surgery Cost in India

It is a well known incontrovertible fact that India is recognized internationally for providing the simplest medical aid at rock bottom prices. Similarly, elbow cost in India is far cheaper than the other leading healthcare destinations within the world. Elbow Replacement cost in India, however, varies from one hospital to the opposite counting on its location, infrastructure, food facilities, and duration of the stay within the hospital. Variation within the overall treatment cost also depends upon the initial consultation charges, surgeon’s fees, the value of diagnostic tests and other medical facilities, and therefore the need for any side procedure.

The quality of the implant, consumables, and prosthesis utilized in the surgery also affect the elbow replacement surgery cost in India. If the things utilized in the surgery are imported, then the general cost of the surgery may differ considerably.

Despite all the above factors, the typical cost of elbow replacement in India remains considerably but in other countries. The cost-saving attracts not only patients from Western countries but also those from developing countries who haven't any access to high-quality joint replacement procedures. it's estimated that patients can save to 60 to 80 percent of the general cost by choosing to urge treatment in India than the other Western country around the world.

Elbow Replacement in India

Elbow replacement in India is popular among patients affected by an injury of the elbow. There are many reasons that make India one of the foremost popular destinations for elbow replacement and therefore the unparalleled quality of treatment offered by the highest hospitals within the country is one of the leading reasons.

Elbow replacement surgery in India is performed in cases wherein the mobility of the patient’s elbow isn't improved despite the utilization of medicines and other therapies. The elbow of a private may get damaged due to several reasons. An elbow injury and atrophic arthritis are the 2 leading reasons behind damage to the joint within the elbow.
Elbow replacement in India is conducted to exchange the worn-out or degraded elbow with implant parts or whole artificial elbow, which is understood as prosthetics. This sensitive surgery is performed by a number of the foremost eminent joint replacement surgeons in India, especially those who are trained in elbow replacement procedure.

The success rate of elbow replacement in India is quite 90 percent, which is one of the very best in the world. this is often the rationale why patients from around the world like better to come to India for elbow replacement surgery as they're assured of great surgical results and successful post-operative recovery.

Elbow replacement surgery in India is, in fact, one of the leading joint replacement surgeries conducted within the country. albeit it's not as common as knee replacement or hip replacement, elbow replacement is obtainable in the least major joint replacement hospitals in India.

Elbow replacement surgery is additionally performed within the top multispecialty hospitals in India that have a separate department to cater to the medical needs of orthopedic patients. the simplest elbow replacement hospitals in India house a number of the foremost experienced orthopedic surgeons to supply high-quality treatment at a reasonable cost.

Elbow Replacement Overview

Elbow joint replacement, often referred to as elbow arthroplasty, maybe a surgery wont to replace the damaged joint. This procedure is merely recommended when the orthopedic doctor isn't ready to restore the mobility of the joint with the assistance of medicines, ointments, or physiotherapy.

Elbow replacement is more often utilized in patients with arthritis. But, nowadays this procedure is being commonly wont to treat patients with a fracture within the joint or those that suffer from damage to the joint thanks to some traumatic injury or malignancy.

During the procedure, the elbow is replaced with a man-made joint or prosthesis. the synthetic joint is formed from two stems created with the assistance of high-quality metal, usually steel. A metal and plastic hinge is employed to hitch these two stems in order that the joint can bend and move freely.

Types of Elbow Replacement Surgeries in India

Basically, there are four sorts of elbow replacement surgeries that are performed in India. Different prosthetic joints are available to exchange either some of the joint or to exchange the entire joint, counting on the condition of the patient.

Tennis elbow replacement surgery: lateral epicondylitis, also called tennis elbow, is required within the case of patients with small tears of ligaments that attach forearm muscles to the long bone within the elbow. this is often the foremost common procedure available in India for patients with elbow pain. During the surgery, the damaged tendon area is found and an incision is formed over the outer surface of the joint.
Elbow arthritis replacement surgery: Elbow arthritis surgery, also referred to as elbow debridement, is performed in patients with significant damage to the elbow thanks to arthritis. the rear of the elbow is incised deep enough to get rid of all the bone spurs and loose debris that are causing a hindrance within the elbow movement.
Arthroscopic Elbow Replacement Surgery: During this procedure, small incisions have remodeled the elbow to insert the instruments with the assistance of a little camera. The incision is formed in order that the damaged a part of the elbow are often replaced. This surgery is conducted to get rid of loose bodies, joint capsules, and bone spurs. In some cases, it's also wont to review the cartilage damage.

Total Elbow Replacement Surgery: This surgery involves the insertion of the prosthetic joint in situ of the damaged one after removing the scar tissues and balancing the muscles. The backside of the elbow is incised to get rid of the tendons and ligaments in order that the damaged joint is exposed for replacement surgery. Then, the joint surfaces of humerus, radius, and ulna and replaced with a prosthesis.
The surgery may take two to four hours, counting on the sort of surgery that the patient is scheduled to undergo. The hospital stay may vary from four to seven days, counting on the sort of surgery conducted and therefore the recovery of the patient.

Who should choose elbow replacement?

Elbow replacement surgery is the best-suited option for patients above the age of 60 years because there are fewer chances of mechanical failure thanks to less activity at this age. Patients who can undergo elbow replacement in India include those that suffer from one or a mixture of the subsequent conditions:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Post-traumatic arthritis
Bone with a severe fracture within the upper or lower arm near the elbow
Badly damaged tissues within the elbow
Tumor in or around the elbow
Bad results from previous elbow surgery
Benefits of Elbow Replacement Surgery
A patient with a damaged elbow is predicted to enjoy the subsequent benefits after the elbow replacement surgery:
Improvement within the flexibility of the elbow
Further deterioration and risk of incapacity are prevented
Return to the traditional routine
Relief in pain and discomfort
Recovery After Elbow Replacement Surgery
The orthopedic surgeon may advise the following:
Simple exercises to extend the strength
The typical range of motion exercises can include straightening, bending, palm up, and palm down exercises
Physiotherapy for better mobility in less time
In addition, the patient could also be advised to wear a sling for 2 to four weeks to support and protect the arm. additionally, they're advised to avoid the activities which will damage the elbow after the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elbow Replacement Surgery in India

Q. what proportion does Elbow replacement surgery cost in India?
The cost of elbow replacement surgery in India starts from USD 6000.

Q. How long will i want to remain in India for an elbow replacement surgery?
The typical hospital stay after elbow replacement surgery is 2 to 4, followed by rehabilitation and physiotherapy for rehabilitation. counting on the speed of recovery and therefore the patient’s overall health condition, the doctor may recommend patients to remain for every week or two in India for his or her surgery. The length of stay may vary counting on the extent of pain the patient feels following the surgery and therefore the progress with rehabilitation.

Q. How successful are elbow replacements?
The implants are reported to achieve success for over 15 years, especially in patients with osteoarthritis or atrophic arthritis. While in other cases, certain implants may show loosening up to 50% during a few years.

Q. When am I able to lift weights after the surgery?
Most patients aren't be allowed to lift any weight or push against any quiet resistance with the hand that's operated on until 6 weeks post-surgery.

Q. When am I able to start driving after the surgery?
Usually, patients can drive 4 to six weeks after the surgery if their recovery progress is ok. The surgeon or physiotherapist will assess the elbow and allow you to know once you can start driving.

Q. How long does full recovery take?
Patients are ready to start using the elbow around 12 weeks following the surgery, but full recovery might take one year.

Q. what's an elbow replacement prosthetic made of?
The metal parts of an elbow replacement are often made from chrome-cobalt alloy or titanium with a liner of polyethylene (plastic). The bone cement comprises an acrylic, polymethylmethacrylate (a sort of plastic).

Q. Will, I want a splint for my elbow after the surgery?
You may need to wear a soft splint on your arm, every week after the surgery. this is often to assist you to retain the elbow in situ. Once the incision has healed, the doctor may offer you a harder splint or brace with a hinge.

Best Elbow Replacement Surgeon In India

Dr. IPS Oberoi
Dr. Ashok Rajgopal 
Dr. Ameet Pispati
Dr. Rakesh Mahajan
Dr. Vikram Shah
Dr. Kaushal Malhan
Dr. Manoj Miglani
Dr. B. K. Singh
Dr. Vijay C. Bose
Dr. A.B. Govindaraj

Best Elbow Replacement Hospitals in India

Medanta The Medicity
Artemis Hospital
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
BLK Super Speciality Hospital
Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Apollo Hospital Chennai
Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
Aster Medcity
Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital


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