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Online Hospital Management System

Hospital management system (HMS) is a web-based system that ensures managing various professional sections of a hospital or any other medical set up. Navigating a multi-specialty hospital is not a child's play; everything needs to be implemented and recorded with precision. HMSDESK has different modules to integrate all information related to doctors, staff, patients, financial, etc.

Logic Research and Solutions is one of the most trusted companies in India, has developed an online hospital management system. It will help you to increase your revenue, information security, and productivity. To avail, modern facilities and high quality of services, use the online hospital management system.

It is designed to manage all the requirements and facilitate standards of clinical operations and administration. The online hospital management system is useful for nursing homes, clinics, healthcare centers and small to medium hospitals. It offers custom solutions to fulfill specific requirements as per the need to ensure greater efficiency and better results.

The Web-based hospital management software is flexible as well can be accessed from any were to provide higher healthcare services. It is accurate and efficient and useful to collects patient information, check disease, patient history, to make a decision faster. It helps to manage to account, create an OPD invoice, and IPD billing. One can control expenses and create an automatic balance sheet. The administration can check the balance sheet, a crucial area of the healthcare system, and all other reports in just a few clicks.

hospital management system

Benefits of Hospital Management System

Automization with Data Security

By using HMS most of the things will happen automatically, with highly secured data.

Minimize Error and Issues

Paperless work will reduce your errors and issues, to manage records easily.

Ensure Revenue Growth

By using HMS, hospital revenue will increase tremendously faster.

Track Every Single Information

Various modules administration can track all the information easily.

A web-based hospital management system helps to establish your hospital as technically advanced.

The following modules are available to choose it per your need.

1. Online appointment booking: The patient can register online and book online a particular doctor's appointment easily to save time.

2 Patients Module: Patients can log in to get details of prescription, send a message, view history, and much more.

3. Departments and Services: To get better results in search in department good content must be added.

4 Schedule Doctor's appointments: Doctors can schedule time and days as per planning for consultancy.

5. Prescription: To offers details about patient's medicine, Diagnosis, patient notes, instruction and much more.

6. OPD: The Module offers to manage OPD all details with doctor's appointments, consultancy fees, invoices, payments, Etc.

7. IPD: The module offers admission, bed manage, patient monitoring, daily treatment report, billing, daily checkup details, advance payment, discharge card and summery, etc.

8. Bed availability: Receptionist can check the availability of beds. Patient relatives can get department and word details also.

9. Operation Theatre availability: The doctor or OT manager can book Operation Theatre check availability as per day and time. Manage Surgeon, booking anesthetist, OT kit, nurse staff/supporting staff. Etc

10. Inventory: The module offers to manage various products, stationery, equipment, purchase, provided to, stock, etc.

11. Blood Donation: The module offers to manage bloodstock, donor details, expiry, etc.

12. Investigation: It offers to manage Blood, cardiology pediatrics, laboratory, radiology, pathology, and other investigation reports.

13. Accounting: The module offers to control the accounts department to manage invoices, expenditures, billing, Etc. To get financial reports and balance sheets easily.

14. Manage Pharmacy: Some hospital maintains injection, medicine, drug, and health equipment stock. The module offers to manage purchase, sale, return and available stock.

15. Preventive Health Checkup: Module for all hospitals to book and get an appointment for a preventive health checkup by the patient.

16. Payroll: IIt offers to manage attendance of staff, timing, duty schedule shift, late time mark, over time, absent, leave, total days present. PF, ESI, salary sheet, loan, advance, cuttings, Etc.

17. HR Management: The module offers to set every employee details and set the user role.

18. Insurance: Cashless insurance, integrate billing with a patient covered by the company. Verifying eligibility, discharge summary, consumption bills of the patient.

19. Vehicles /Ambulance: Details of vehicles, daily vehicle report consumption, mileage, driver details, Ambulance maintenance, and Insurance.

20. Events/conformance/press news: admin can manage events details, blogs, etc.

21. Inquiry: SMS, and send messages, notice board options.

22. Hospital activities: All report generate automatically ( print, or export in Excel, PDF, Etc.)

23. Import Patients Data: Application offers to import old patient's data from the backdate and details in one click.

24. Housekeeping and Laundry: The option offers to get details about linen, Laundry products, and Housekeeping.

25. Sterilization Dept: It is useful to get details about sterilized linen, instruments, and equipment.

26. Maintenance Dept: Entries of medical equipment, maintenance report, preventive maintenance, Etc.

27. Fully dynamic website: It offers to promote your hospital automatically with CMS, quality designing, and much more. It also provides post-awards, photos on the website. Your marketing person can add quality content and track the effectiveness of campaigning.
web-based hospital management system

Online HMS helps streamline the patient admission process. You can find details from patient registration to discharge summary and minimum operational interference.

One of the most reliable services offers ensures quality, flexible, powerful tools for efficient decision-making. The website and application will automatically provide in cooperation with SEO options to get in various search engines. You can post your news, blogs, events, conference meeting details. It also offers to show awards, image galleries and much more from your end.

Online Hospital Management System V/S Offline Hospital Management System

It reduces huge paper-work, improved efficiency as every detail related to the medical set-up can be accessed with just a click. Moreover, information is stored compactly, thus helps in the grouping, making decisions, and submitting to the administrative wing. On the other hand, the Offline Hospital Management system is time-consuming, as every detail is in papers. When asked for any particulars, respective registers and files are to be analyzed. Moreover, the chances of error are more.

Is the System Cost-effective?

Hospital Management System is an entirely web-based system with various features to simplify the job and to increase efficiency. The cost of HMS varies depending upon the need of the respective hospital. HMS has to be designed or customized depending upon the size of the hospital and complexities involved there. It is a one-time investment that will reduce costs in the future, and also enhance performance. There is a decline in operating expenses, and expenditure of quality healthcare due to high operational efficiency. When the management system is automated, a lesser number of resources are required for managing operations.

Hospital management software price

There are many companies are available in the market which offer HMS. If you will go online you will find it some application at 50 -to 60$ developed hospital management system in PHP. These applications are incomplete and cannot fulfill your needs, so it results in a waste of time and money. Some of the companies take a huge amount which is not affordable. If you will go for HMSDESK you will be 100% satisfied with quality and pricing.

HMS solutions

Is the information secure in this web-based system?

One should not worry about the security facet of the information. A Hospital Management System has passwords, photo identifications, identity proofs, etc. to prevent leakage of any essential data. HMS acts as an interface between the patient and the Hospital authority, as one can access the necessary information anytime and anywhere.

How will HMS increase revenue?

Apart from humanitarian services, profitability is also an equally important aspect. Revenue management is required to run a hospital and improve its services. A customized hospital management system is tailored to access the various service inputs and the resultant outputs. Outstanding amount, pending invoices, debts and interests, stocks can be regulated in favor of the hospital administration and business policy.

Customization of HMS depending upon the modules

Customization is nothing complicated; the organization has to identify its requirements before choosing the management system. One may select the preferred modules and add as many as desired in the future. Third-party or home-grown modules can also be integrated into the system. Management System improves productivity, streamlines processes and performance, and delivers benefits.

Why is HMS necessary?

Today IT is ruling the world; thus, organizations are automating their system through integrated software. The physical and psychological challenges faced by the hospital authorities in dealing with patients and administration are not very easy to handle. Moreover, when it comes to service providers, everything has to be precise and accurate; a small mistake in the healthcare industry can have a massive consequence. Thus management bodies should plan their functions so that every facet is appropriately controlled. HMS is a web-based technology designed to manage clinical, administrative, and financial grounds.

web-based hospital management system

How to get a Hospital Management System Software?

Hospital management software should assemble the needs of the healthcare system and service on the whole. Online HMS can directly buy online from or you can ask through the indigenous effort of the hospital with the help of a professional expert.

Advantages of Hospital Management System

  • An electronic system helps to provide the data of the hospital to various other platforms; these increase the reputation and goodwill.
  • Wastage of any resources can be monitored, and necessary steps can be taken to rectify it.
  • Errors can be avoided, and every single detail can be tracked down.
  • Clinical data security and decision makings have improved a lot.
  • Disadvantages of Hospital Management System
  • The online HMS is devoid of human touch.
  • The corporate hospitals cannot amend their rules in favor of the patient parties when difficulties arise.
  • Data can be open to hackers. Moreover, if the system crashes, every detail will be lost; this will hamper the organization as a whole.

Why Web-based Hospital Management System from

  • Easy accessibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Reduces Scope of Error
  • Data Security
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Promote your hospital
  • Increase revenue
  • Better and faster results
  • Decision-making
  • Technically-advanced
  • Easy to use
  • Complete a safety
  • Centralized management and monitoring.
  • External and internal theft reduction

Overview Of Hospital Management System

We all know that in India most of the hospital staff are facing the workload. The advanced technologies are coming up in the healthcare industry. To manage Hospital Front Office and get every single record in a fingertip is not possible through traditional and paperwork system. The purpose of the development of a hospital management system project will help different types of hospitals to save time, secured, fast, and cost-effective and user-friendly. You can download hospital management system documentation to get details in PDF format.

Access Control, Safe Data, and Security

HMSDESK offers different security systems such as Captcha/image verification function, the user or IP blocking an incorrect entry, the maximum invalid access control, Validation, password and session time-out to determine the level of safety and security measures can be wide-ranging. As per the user type and view the permissions, who log in to the system under the authority can access data, announcements, notifications, messages, and emails, ETC.

Technical Specifications

  • All operating systems are supported
  • Single Server runs on Windows & Linux
  • vDifferent Role modules
  • MySQL, MSSQL Database Support
  • Multi-User Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Multi-Interface

It is necessary that the provision of information in digital environments heavily facilitating access to information, applications to steal information about the threats encountered larger with each passing day. The fact that end-to-end security is now being network-based security solutions has become an indispensable requirement to take precautions. To keep the more secure site and application Web Security, End User Security, Network Access Control, Data Loss Prevention.

  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IPS – IDS)
  • End-User Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Network Access Control
  • Filtered & Web Proxy
  • Messaging Security

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence and data visualization is increasing. It is useful to apply artificial intelligence to the patient information that’s been collected through various electronic records systems. To assist hospital management to make better decisions, reduce financial risk to achieve the long-term goal. The most substantial real-world AI applications are going to be in an image process through early-stage machine learning for areas like radiology and medicine lesions.

The HMSDESK support team provides technical knowledge and help for using the Hospital management system and its features through all necessary web-based tools.

Document report system provides users tracking flow status, operation status, the signature status, archive information, file information of documents. In this system, As per the users are authorized they can print, download in PDF, report statistics of their units and sub-units.

Location Tracking System helps to get details of the location of the registered person and received message, access activities (logging), and reporting, this is where the legal issues can be determined easily and quickly create a solution.

web HMS

To keep your Data safe we have taken maximum precautions. We also provide you with a download database and keep the backup system to restore in a short time.

The hospital management system Features

It offers patient’s electronic health record, print statements, laboratory reports, financial accounting, calculate payment details and track the debts or payments of the patients. Hospital Monitoring System provides a medical examination, treatment reports, monitor drug purchase, sales, expiration date, and stock. The interface of the website will be convenient and informative. Most of the hospitals are using CCTV and Biometric Attendance System which can HMSDESK import all the data and manage the attendance of all the staff. There is no possibility to manipulate the records because most of the record is encrypted and secured. The Hospital management system application/software is developed in PHP using with Codeigniter Framework.

The electronic medical record helps to get all the required information such as lab results and patient history online, medical applications, etc in some clicks. You can get details about the department, specialty, rating, doctor availability, and schedules, and handling payment are effortless.

Implementation of Application and Website Design

After selecting your suitable package from the hospital we will implement the design, database mange, hospital data, content and images, Etc in 5 working days. Our Hospital management system includes Free Installation, & Configuration, Free website designing, customization, and Technical Support, 6 Hrs Training Sessions, Domain, Email Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space SMS integration & Unlimited Bandwidth.

HMS application provides you 100% satisfaction, security experience, great features, and quality. You can achieve the best result of patient-centered care without compromising.

Please ask our Business Executive to arrange a hospital management system demo.

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