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Breast Cancer Treatment in India


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Breast Cancer Treatment Overview

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that is developed in breast cells due to the excess multiplication of cells. Breast cancer is the common female cancer worldwide, the reason being delayed diagnosis or diagnosis at an advanced stage, leading to a higher mortality rate. Over 23% of all women die in the world due to this.

One of the major causes of death in women in India is breast cancer. In India, every 4 minutes there is a case that is diagnosed with breast cancer, and every 13 minutes a death with the same is being reported. The risk of developing cancer is one in every 28 women. The cases with this have been escalating at a great pace and almost 27% are breast cancer cases among all the cancers.

Though the developed countries like the US, UK have a greater number of cases as compared to India. The awareness regarding the disease is good in these nations and there are various funding programs that government provides for such problems which helps them to maintain better survival rates. They get early detection and treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment in India
Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Due to the lack of awareness in India and a huge population, the survival rate declines. There is a high mortality rate here as the patient does not get the facility that is accessible in the developed countries. Also, it has been observed that out of 2 women one dies in the next 5 years which makes the mortality rate 50%. most breast cancer cases come to light in the advanced stage.

What are breast cancer symptoms and signs?

There are cases where many symptoms are seen whereas some people do not have any symptoms. the symptoms can be stated as - lump in the breast, swelling in a part, irritation, redness in the skin of the breast, pain around the area of the nipple, the nipple might discharge blood, size or shape of the breast might modify and pain can be felt in a part of the breast.

What causes breast cancer?

The abnormal growth in the breast cells causes cancer. The cells start dividing more rapidly and form a lump or mass in the breast. It uses the nutrients and energy and the cells around it are deprived of them. It mostly starts in the milk-producing ducts or the glandular tissue in the breast.

What are the types Of breast cancer?

Breast cancer is broadly classified as - invasive and non-invasive. Invasive cancer spreads to the other parts of the body by traveling through the bloodstream and lymph nodes by breaking the barriers. On the other hand, the non-invasive type of cancer remains confined to the particular area of the breast and doesn't spread to other tissues or ducts. Sarcoma of the breast, metaplastic carcinoma, adenocystic carcinoma, phyllodes tumor and angiosarcoma are other types of cancer.

What is the most common treatment for breast cancer?

Treatment of breast cancer can be carried out through surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal, biological therapy, and radiation therapy. In surgery, the operation is done to cut the cancerous tissue. Chemotherapy kills the cancer cell. They are taken through medicines or veins. Hormonal therapy blocks the cancerous cell from getting the hormones that are required for their growth. Biological therapy helps in fighting the cancer cells by working alongside the immune system. The cells can be killed using radiation therapy.

Risks Of Breast Cancer

Factors that increase the risk of cancer can be many. Females have a high chance of developing cancer as compared to males. Increasing age is one of those. A history with breast, for instance, one who had a biopsy will have a higher chance of developing the problem. Sometimes those who had breast cancer in one breast can develop in the other also. The chances of getting it to rise when someone is obese or who have never been pregnant. If the periods arrive early i.e., before 12, menopause is at an old age then the risk intensifies. Gene mutations in genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 aggravate the chances of breast cancer. Drinking alcohol enhances the possibility of developing breast cancer.

Before Procedure of Breast Cancer

The stage of cancer will determine what treatment will be given. For stage 0 cancer, also known as Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). In this cancer cells are present in the milk ducts, the surgery-lumpectomy or mastectomy can be done. In a lumpectomy, the surgeon removes cancer cells whereas, in mastectomy, there is the surgical removal of the breast. Radiation therapy is done after lumpectomy.

Stages 1 A and 1B are the early stages of the tumor. In 1A, the axillary nodes are not affected whereas 1B affects lymph nodes. Lumpectomy and mastectomy can be used to treat this. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy are used to handle this.

Stage 2 tumor needs a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and either of the targeted therapy, radiation, and hormone treatment.

Stage 3 cancer is the one that has spread to many lymph nodes. 3B might spread to the chest wall also and 3C can affect the mammary nodes. Similar treatment can be done for this stage as mentioned in stage 2.

Breast cancer spreads to the distant parts of the body which is referred to as stage 4. Multiple therapies have to be applied to treat cancer. Immunotherapy and other treatment methods can be used.

What is after breast cancer?

After the procedures, many recover with some side-effects. The pain and discomfort are felt after the treatment. Pain relievers can be given but according to the need of the individual. Bruising and swelling can be observed in certain cases which can affect the breast. It is a part of the healing process.

Some patients develop a collection of fluid called a seroma. This might be in the abdominal part if reconstruction is done using that. If this causes a certain problem then it is drawn off using a needle.

Till the wound is completely healed it can cause infection. It will take few days to recover from that. There might be loss of sensation, numbness, shooting pains when the lymph nodes are removed.

The scars can be seen after the treatment is done. The discoloration is seen in patients where blue dye is used in the biopsy. Nausea is a common problem that occurs after the treatment is done.

Breast Cancer symptoms
Breast Cancer stages

How long does it take to recover from breast cancer?

Recovering from these treatments not only affects a patient physically but also mentally and emotionally. Different people will take their time according to their state of mind.

There can be long-term effects of therapies used. Survivors experience breathlessness, dry cough, or chest pain. They also sometimes develop heart problems. menopausal symptoms, fatigue, permanent numbness, weight gain, bone loss, etc. Some of the cases have been observed to develop uterine cancer. Survivors sometimes suffer depression, anxiety, and mood swings. They face vaginal dryness and a lowered sex drive. These problems are discussed with the gynecologist.

Before one leaf after the treatment, the patient is told regarding when are they expected to visit for follow-up. In this, the health will be monitored to ensure that they have recovered properly and the side-effects are managed. It might also include the examinations and tests to carry out to keep a track of the patient. Rehabilitation can be good for such patients as they have been affected physically and emotionally. It may involve planning of nutrition, counseling, pain management.

One of the reasons for follow-up is to check for recurrence of cancer if there is any. Early-stage eradication is done in as many cancer cells it is possible. There is a small area of cancer which don't respond to treatment. Sometimes they remain undetected and later they multiply.

Survivors are tensed regarding the return of cancer. the possibility of the same can be discussed with the doctor. A doctor who knows the medical history of the patient can tell the risk more precisely. The recurrence can be found in the breast or another part of the body. Annual mammograms are recommended after cancer in the breast is diagnosed.

The doctors can help in understanding the changes in the breast so if in case recurrence happens the person will be able to figure it out.

Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation

The patient needs to explain the entire medical history to the doctor even before starting the medical process.

The history will include any previous illness, allergy to medication, whether you have taken any medicine to cure the present disease. Use of any other medicine to cure any other disease should also mention. The use of any steroid or anti-inflammatory drug must be reported.

The physician may ask you to stop such medications.

Tests are there in the preparatory process. These will include several blood tests, chest X-ray, EEG, ECG, CT scan, and test of urine.

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

It involves the use of medications to shrivel or destruct cancerous cells. The therapy is used in:

  • Early-stage invasive breast cancers to destruct cancerous cells that may have remained in the breast after the surgery. It helps in minimizing the risk of can recurrence.
  • For advanced-stage cancers, the method is applied to damage as many cancer cells as possible.

In most cases, chemotherapy is advised before surgery. It helps in shrinking the size of the tumor helping the surgical process.

Chemotherapy Cost in India for breast cancer is much less than those offered in other counties. It helps the medical tourists coming to India for treatment a lot.

Chemotherapy medicines are normally offered in combinations called chemotherapy regimens.

What can you expect after the treatment?

Once you are through with the surgical treatment or chemotherapy, the doctors and the medical team assures that cancer does not recur. Repeated monitoring of the patient's condition is done.

He/she is released from the hospitals after one week or so; thereafter, attending the follow-up sessions is required. It helps them confirm that things are going according to expectations.

Symptoms of breast cancer are reviewed most frequently; the physical examination is also conducted for faster recognition of any recurrence. Possibilities of growing another symptom are also considered.

How you can measure the success of Breast Cancer Treatment?

Such a result depends on the physical situation of the patient; being in good orientation will help him in quick response to the treatment. The way of managing the lifestyle is also a countable factor.

Survivors of breast cancer get help from cancer rehab programs. Such rehabilitation programs include physical therapy, counseling, and various others. All these target quick recovery.

The patient must learn to adapt to the changes in lifestyle post-surgery of Breast Cancer.

breast cancer types
breast cancer causes

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

  • One can easily find low-cost breast cancer treatment in India as compared to other western countries.
  • Along with quality services and satisfaction for breast cancer treatment at affordable prices, most international patients prefer India.
  • The breast cancer treatment costs range from $5,000 to $7,000. It depends upon the complexity of the treatment and services facilities from the hospital.

Get details of the Breast Cancer Treatment hospitals in India that offer higher success rates at affordable costs. The cost of breast cancer treatment varies widely. For Breast Cancer Surgery, it is necessary to choose the proper specialist/oncologist in India. HMSDESK helps patients seeking medical care and specialty treatments from the Best Oncologist in India. Various hospitals and clinics in India have gained massive popularity all over the world. International patients preferred places for the surgery or treatment would be tier one, in developed cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Mangalore, Kochi, Jaipur, and Pune.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Cancer Treatment

How am I able to find the best Breast Cancer Surgeons in India?

Just submit the inquiry form with details, and we will assist in finding the most suitable solutions as per your condition.

Which are the best Breast Cancer Hospitals in India that provide affordable Breast Cancer treatment?

Visit HMSDESK to find and get details about Breast Cancer treatment Hospitals in India. There are a good number of top Breast Cancer Hospitals in India that offer affordable treatments.

Is a low-cost Oncologist in India make any surgery successfully?

Oncologist in India have experience and skills are known across the world for surgery or Breast Cancer treatments.

Can you arrange a vacation tour after the treatment for me?

HMSDESK can arrange the best memorable vacation tour in India for you.

What causes Breast Cancer?

Studies have identified numerous reasons for breast cancer. These include several hormonal, lifestyle, and environmental factors. These are more seen in old age people. It may cause due to early menstruation. Breast cancer may be hereditary too.

What do you mean by breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a particular type of malignant tumor. It starts in the cells. These cells line the ducts or lobes of the breast.

What is breast cancer staging?

Breast cancer staging refers to the severity of cancer. Knowledge about stage helps the physician offer a suitable treatment plan.>

What are the possible side-effects of surgery and Radiation?

1. In breast cancer, surgery may bring short-term pain and discomfort.

Muscles may feel week; you may feel that the skin around the breast area feels tight.>

2. Radiation therapy may also cause skin irritation and pain in the breast. Such complexes normally begin within a few weeks of starting treatment; it evades away within six months of completing the treatment course.>

Who are the doctors for breast cancer treatment?

The following doctors handle breast cancer symptoms:

  • Medical Oncologist – offers medication
  • Surgical Oncologist – Treats with surgery
  • Radiation Oncologist – a specialist in radiation technology for cancer treatment.

Why consider India for Breast Cancer Treatment?

India, being a cost-friendly nation in terms of healthcare services can be great opportunity for those suffering from the problem. It is affordable for them. The skilled and efficient doctors and surgeons can be a pre-requisite in treating the patients. They are adaptable to the change in the treatment procedures and are compassionate with great skills which make them different from the doctors across the globe. A quality care service is provided at the hospitals. Many people are not aware of this fact and prefer to go abroad for their treatment.

On the other hand, people from the Middle east travel to India to avail the services as the other countries have quite expensive services that are not affordable to the people. They provide various packages for the treatment.

To conclude there is an urgent need for the state and government to launch awareness programs to help improve cancer literacy in India. A cancer diagnosis affects the emotional health of not only the patient but the family and caregivers. Being uncomfortable, depressed, worried, and unpleasant is common among patients. It becomes important to fight these emotions.

For Surgery Some Countries From Which Patients Travel To India:

Best Cancer Hospitals in India

Hospitals in India offer State-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies.

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Blk Super Speciality Hospital
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Saifee Hospital
  • Jaslok Hospital
  • Global Hospital
  • Medanta Medicity Hospital
  • HCG Hospital
  • Action Cancer Hospital
  • SIMS Hospital, Chennai
  • MIOT Hospital, Chennai
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital
  • Bgs Gleneagles Global Hospital
  • Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital
  • Apollo Hospital
  • S L Raheja Fortis Hospital
  • Asian Heart Hospital
  • Hiranandani Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital
  • Yashoda Cancer Institute, Hyderabad
  • Saifee hospital, Mumbai
  • Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Top Cancer Specialist in India

  • Dr. Sanghavi Meghal Jayant
  • Dr. Mathangi
  • Dr. Raja Sundaram
  • Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni
  • Dr. Rahul Bhargava
  • Dr. Manas Kalra
  • Dr. C Rayappa
  • Dr. P Jagannath
  • Dr. Adwani
  • Dr. Vikas Dua
  • Dr. Jalaj Baxi
  • Dr. Rajeev Agarwal
  • Dr. Ashok Vaid
  • Dr. Narmada Prasad
  • Dr. Arun Prasad
  • Dr. Deepak Sari
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