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We assist in fulfilling visa formalities and application processes for medical travel in the fastest time possible.

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We support from the moment you decide to travel for medical treatment until your return to your own country.

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Get expert guidance and assistance for all of your travel requirements. We schedule and make your successful trip.

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Provide a wide range of accommodation options to fit your budget with the registration process for an extended duration of stay.

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We provide End-To-End Transportation services for each Patient and assist you in rent a car during your stay.

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Find the doctor as per your requirement and get an appointment online or book for Tele/Video Consultations. Easily access world-class doctors to get the Second Opinion. Consult a doctor online that suits your health goals and receive a diagnosis or recommendation. Find specialist doctors online for medical diagnosis. Book an appointment with a doctor near you to get treatment as per your convenient time.

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HMSDESK is always with our valuable customers. It is a comprehensive medical tourism company that assists find healthcare services for all your medical needs. It connects you with the best doctors and hospitals in India. We serve quality services for the healthcare industry.

HMSDESK assists all for your healthcare needs and offers to simplify procedures.

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We offer all of the pertinent information onto a single platform and make it available to our patients so that they can focus on resolving their medical issues to make confident decisions. HMSDESK facilitates finding the right hospitals & doctors with detailed information profiles to select the right health provider. Our support team offers 24/7 customer service to respond to your queries from valuable clients worldwide.
HMSDESK will help to find a perfect hospital or doctor so that you will get an idea where is quality medical care available, treatment cost as per your budget. We research and assess people and places that can provide effective treatment. Our association with the best hospitals and healthcare professionals globally allows us to offer compared to the best in the world, at a cost-effective price.
When receiving Inquiry from the patient, we forward the same to the hospitals or doctors. The quotation will get from the hospital to the patient in a short span. We will assist the patient in the visa process and hospital appointment booking. Our support team continuously keeps in touch with patients to take care of treatment, accommodation, traveling, Pre, and Post-Treatment Follow-Ups.
Medical tourism services in India

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No other land in the world possesses such diversified culture and landscapes as India. You will realize this as you move from the hillocks in the north to the plateau ranges in the middle. Tropical rain forests cover various areas of the country, particularly in the East and northeast regions.

Deserts in states like Rajasthan are no less attractive. Lastly, we should mention the beaches in various areas of Western India and the southern part of the country. Most of the beaches are covered by naturally decorated palm trees. Every piece has mind-blowing features for tourists.

Few countries in the world are so rich in culture. Lover of sight-seeing will find myriad choices to feed their appetite. The fabulous architecture in the temples located in various parts of the country deserves notification. The shrines in various temple towns in the country like Puri, Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur, Guwahati, and various locations in Gujarat are magnificent pieces of attractions. States like Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala, Jammu, and Kashmir are known as preservers of traditional performing arts.

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